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Subject: RESULTS and ANSWER KEY for Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz 281 (GOLQ281)
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RESULTS & ANSWER KEY for Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #281 (GOLQ281)

Congratulations to The Village Idiots, The GenaTeam, Will McCorry, Delphi
Trivia Club, and Gypsy's Caravan, who finished first with a score of 500.+;
there were no entries with a score of 500++ because no entries at all
identified #T1. However, every entry that was perfect for the regular 25
also identified #T2.

GOLQ281's mean score was 413.50, and the median was 466.5. There was no
overall theme, but I decided that, after several GOLQs in which I bent over
backwards to include more r&b and other songs from late 1950s and early 1960s
instead of a lot of the pure pop (British Invasion, folk rock bubblegum,
garage band, etc.) songs of the mid- to late 1960s from which many of my all-
time favorite songs and artists are drawn, I would insert a higher percentage
of my favorite music into this GOLQ.

In particular, I was inspired by having seen in concert in the past year four
singers who were part of four hugely successful groups in this time period--
Peter Noone with his current band of Herman's Hermits (whom I saw twice in
late 2009), Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders, Micky Dolenz of the
Monkees, and Tommy James with his current Shondells (whom I saw in both a
speaking and a singing performance in spring 2010). All four of these groups
are represented in this GOLQ. In addition, several songs that Herman's Hermits
and Paul Revere and the Raiders also recorded are represented here as done by
other artists, as is a song co-written by Tommy James that he also recorded.
The elusive #T1 was one of the theme songs for the T.V. show that gave the
Raiders their first big break, and the artist, who was also a regular on that
show, later joined this group.

Although it was not done intentionally, this GOLQ also includes two songs that
were remade and released in the 1960s by the Beatles plus a third song done by
the Fab Four in the 1960s that was not released until the 1990s. There are
also two songs that Neil Diamond remade, including one that charted for him in
the GOLQ era. Again, this was unintentional--that charting song, as done by
a different artist, was chosen because it was also recorded by Paul Revere
and the Raiders. (Iris of Gypsy's Caravan wanted to know where Neil was.
Here's your answer Iris--Neil was on my mind, but he did not escape from it!)
One more intentional theme--a song with a co-writer whose last name is the
same as the first name of a soon-to-be-retired long-serving U.S. politician
and a song with a writer whose last name is pronounced the same as but spelled
differently than the last name of that same political figure.

My thanks to everyone who participated.

Tom Pillion and Rick Falkenstein have posted GOLQ282.

-- Regina Litman <>

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Tie Breaker Scoring Key
    +  after numeric score below indicates a tie-breaker answered correctly.
    -  indicates partial credit.
    x  indicates a totally incorrect guess.
    .  indicates no guess.

                                                                   # on
Pos Score ID Name and E-mail address                               Team Age(s)
T01 500.+ VI The Village Idiots (Andrew, Andy, Roxie, Doug, Ping)     5 <60
T01 500.+ GE The GenaTeam                   <ah.rh&>   6 41-62
T01 500.+ WM Will McCorry                <wmccorry&>   1 52
T01 500.+ DT Delphi Trivia Club (BroadWA, Jags, Logot, marlnoe,       7 45-65
                              ClueLess, Und) <billp49&>
T01 500.+ GC Gypsy's Caravan                        <iriss&>   3 21+
 06 497.+ EJ The EJ'S & Co.: Ellis, Jean, Kevin, Vinnie, Mitch,       8 23+
                              Kyra, Danda, Kent <brombere&>
 07 497.. RR Really Rockin' In Boston             <rardini&>   5 50s,60s
 08 492.+ DM Die, Monster, Die!           <bob_homeo&>   1 50
 09 473.+ LB Vito & the Salutations          <baileyl&>  ~4 boomers
 10 460.+ VH Virve Harkonen            <virve_harkonen&>   1 29
 11 435.+ NA NAVAIRHEADS                   <tompillion&>   2 63,58
 12 420.+ CO The Coasters (Rick & Kathy Schubert, Magic Marc,         5 57-64
                         Bigfoot Mae, Norm Katuna) <rns&>
 13 420.. MT Mick Tursky                    <eriador1972&>   1
 14 397.+ BP BP Oz (Brian, Pam)          <brian&>   2 boomers
 15 340.. TT Team Teitelbaum (Howard, Bonnie, Patty, Pat)             4 48-60
 16 264.+ EM DEC & Friends                    <cochran57&>   3 various
 17 128.. JR Jessica Raine          <jraine&>   1 36
 18 120.. MA Matt Aument                    <matteoalmonty&>   1 22
Pos Score ID Name and E-mail address                               # on Age(s)

The following table gives the individual scoring breakdown. A '-' is used to
indicate that no guess was made for a question, whereas a zero indicates that
a completely incorrect response was submitted.

   01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
VI 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
GE 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
WM 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
DT 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
GC 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
EJ 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 17 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
RR 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 17 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
DM 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 14 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
LB 19 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 10 20 10 14 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
VH 20 20 20 20  - 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20  - 20
NA 20 20 20  - 20 20 10 20 20 20 20 17 20 14 20 20 20 20 20 20 19 20  - 15 20
CO 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20  - 20 20  -  - 20 20  - 20 20
MT 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20  -  - 20  - 20 20 20  - 20 20 20 20 20
BP 20 20 20 20  - 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 17 20  - 20 20  -  - 20 20  - 20 20
TT 20 20 20 20  0 20 20 20 20 20  - 20  - 20 20  - 20 20  -  - 20 20  -  - 20
EM  - 20 20 20  - 20 10  - 20 20  - 20  - 14 20  - 20 20  -  - 20  -  -  - 20
JR  - 20  -  -  -  8 10 10 10  -  - 20  -  - 20  -  - 10  -  -  - 10  -  - 10
MA  - 20  -  -  - 20  -  -  -  -  - 20  -  - 20  -  - 20  -  -  -  -  -  - 20
   01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25


Answers are in the form:
#number) Artist: Title (year[s]) [peak position on Pop chart] {peak R&B}

[-]   = did not make pop chart
{-}   = did not make R&B chart
{F}   = made R&B chart as a flip side
{n/c} = no Billboard R&B chart published during this recording's period
        of peak popularity

Just one more thing girl
Give back my ring to me
And darling you'll be free
#01) Alexander, Arthur: Anna (Go To Him) (1962) [68] {10}

  Delphi Trivia Club: Probably best known for the version the Beatles did
  on their debut album, which was called PLEASE PLEASE ME in the U.K. and
  INTRODUCING THE BEATLES in the U.S. The Alexander version was the focal
  point of a great episode of "Married... With Children," in which Al Bundy
  had a small piece of the lyric stuck in his head and spent the entire
  episode annoying everyone with it until he finally heard the song in a
  used record store and had his Eureka monent.

  If the Beatles' version had charted, it would have fit alphabetically, too.

Cadillac doin' about 95
We was bumper to bumper
Rollin' side by side
#02) Berry, Chuck, and His Combo: Maybellene (1955) [5] {1}

  Johnny Rivers' 1964 remake reached #12.

The magnolia blossoms they fill the air
Yeah and if you ain't been to heaven then you ain't been there
#03) Bonds, U.S.: New Orleans (1960/61) [6] {5}

  Delphi Trivia Club: The singer's real name was Gary Anderson. His pseudonym
  occurred when Legrand Records owner Frank Guida released the single and used
  the punning artist credit "By U.S. Bonds."  Eventually, he got to use part
  of his name, and he became Gary U.S. Bonds.

  This song has been widely covered over the years. Other GOLQ-era charting
  versions were by Eddie Hodges, #44 in 1965, and Neil Diamond, #51 in 1968.
  Diamond's version originally appeared on his first album, THE FEEL OF NEIL.
  It was released by Bang records in late 1967 while the singer and the label
  were in the midst of a dispute over what his next single should be. Not
  surprisingly, given the circumstances, it did not chart as high as his
  earlier hits. A version by Anthony Armstrong Jones reached #28 on the
  country chart in 1969. It was also the B-side of at least one GOLQ-era
  single--"Memphis Underground" by Herbie Mann in 1969. The Chartbusters,
  best known nationally for "She's The One," had a local Washington, DC, hit
  with this song in the mid-1960s.

  Paul Revere and the Raiders also recorded "New Orleans," which was written
  by Frank Guida and Joseph Royster, on their album JUST LIKE US. It is one
  of the few Raiders recordings on which Paul himself sings lead.

Well, it's better than the cha-cha
Better than the swim
Everybody come join in
And dance, dance, dance
#04) Candy and the Kisses: The 81 (1964/65) [51] {n/c}

  In all my years of listening to Top 40 radio in the Washington area, I
  never heard this song. But after I moved to Philadelphia in 1986, I heard
  it a lot on oldies radio. Although the song has a Motown sound to it,
  it was released on Philadelphia's own Cameo label. The group itself was
  from Port Richmond, NY.

Oh my love you've been good to me
Femme jolie, femme jolie
I could love you so easily
Femme jolie, femme jolie
#05) Clique, The: Sugar On Sunday (1969) [22] {-}

  I have to confess that I never knew what they were saying in all of those
  "femme jolie" lines, even though I took French in high school and even
  though I did hear a deejay on DC area Top 40 station WEAM say that it means
  "pretty girl," until I searched for the lyrics to put in this GOLQ.

  Delphi Trivia Club: Cover version of an LP cut by Tommy James and the
  Shondells. The single's B-side, "Superman," was later a single for R.E.M.

  This song was written by Tommy James and Mike Vale, who was a member of
  the Shondells for many years.

Don't know much about geography
Don't know much trigonometry
Don't know much about algebra
#06) Cooke, Sam: Wonderful World (1960) [12] {2}

  I knew this song as a child, when I no doubt heard it on an AMERICAN
  BANDSTAND-like show hosted by Milt Grant in Washington. I had been exposed
  to some of the subjects mentioned in the song in my first few grades of
  elementary school, but I had never heard of algebra before. I had an uncle
  who was a math teacher, and one day not long after this was a hit, I was at
  his home and saw a book in his bookcase called ALGEBRA. I didn't make the
  math connection and figured it was some work of classical fiction.
  Eventually, I did learn a lot about geography, trigonometry, and even
  algebra, as we hope the schoolkids of today also do. But I just about all
  kids who got their education in the past 35 years will still be able to
  truthfully state the next line, "Don't know what a slide rule is for."

  "Wonderful World," which was written by Sam Cooke, Lou Adler, and a then-
  unknown Herb Alpert, also charted in the GOLQ by Herman's Hermits, whose
  version went to #4 in 1965. Art Garfunkel with James Taylor and Paul Simon
  did a version that reached #17 in 1978 and added new lyrics.

  This song is not to be confused with two huge late 1980s hits by artists
  that also had GOLQ-era charting hits: "(What A) Wonderful World" by Louis
  Armstrong and "Don't Know Much" by Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville (which
  was written by prolific GOLQ-era songwriters Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil along
  with Tom Snow). Sometimes songwriting information for one of these two songs
  is given for the Sam Cooke song or vice versa.

That same tingle I feel inside
And then that elevator starts its ride
And down and down I go
All around I go
#07) Davis, Sammy, Jr.: That Old Black Magic (1955) [13] {-}

  Written by Harold Arlen (music) and Johnny Mercer (lyrics).

  This was the last song added to this GOLQ. While looking over the other songs
  for a subtle connection idea, I saw that I had a song written by Phil Spector
  (see #22). The recent defeat of Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Arlen Specter in a
  primary election was still on my mind, so I thought I'd try to find one co-
  written by Harold Arlen. The only one I could think of was "Ding Dong! The
  Witch Is Dead" by the Fifth Estate, an eligble song, but by then, even I felt
  that I had enough "good time" songs from the late 1960s. I did a web search
  for additional Harold Arlen songs and came upon this one.

  Jessica Raine: This is one of those standards that's been recorded by
  absolutely everyone.... I have a rather silly version by actor Kevin Spacey,

  Other charting versions:
    Louis Prima & Keely Smith (#18, #26 r&b in 1958), mentioned by NAVAIRHEADS
    Bobby Rydell (#21 in 1961)
    Charlie Barnet (#2 r&b in 1943)
    Softones (#29 r&b in 1976)

  Also recorded by Ella Fitzgerald, as mentioned by DEC & Friends, on a 1961

If you wanted the star that shines so brightly
To match the stardust in your eyes
Darling I would chase that bright star nightly
And try to steal it from the sky
#08) Drifters, The: Sweets For My Sweet (1961) [16] {10}

  Although this was the only version of this song to make the Billboard Hot 100
  in the GOLQ-era, the Searchers had a #1 U.K. hit with this song. I also
  remember hearing a version by a group called Central Park West on the radio
  around 1968. (In researching this version, I learned that this was yet
  another name used by producers/songwriters/performers Cashman, Pistilli,
  and West.)  This is the second of two songs in this GOLQ that Neil Diamond
  has also recorded. His version is on his 1993 album UP ON THE ROOF: SONGS
  FROM THE BRILL BUILDING. He chose this song as a tribute to the guys who
  wrote it, Doc Pomus (who shared a birthday with at least two currently-active
  GOLQ Quizmasters) and Mort Shuman.

So be my guest
You've got nothin' to lose
Won't you let me take you
#09) Ford, Frankie: Sea Cruise (1959) [14] {11}

  This song was also recorded by Herman's Hermits. It was on their first U.S.
  album and also was the B-side of their hit "Just A Little Bit Better."

  Gypsy's Caravan: With Huey "Piano" Smith Orchestra

You got me where you want me
I ain't nothin' but your fool
You treated me mean
You treated me cruel
#10) Franklin, Aretha: Chain Of Fools (1967/68) [2] {1}

  Also recorded by Paul Revere & the Raiders.

  Gypsy's Caravan: Joe South - blues guitar intro.

What is the cause
Your light withdraws
Is it because, is it because
I've lost my love
#11) Guitar, Bonnie: Dark Moon (1957) [6] {-}

  This is a song I never heard until the 2000s and now like a lot. It was used
  in an audio GOLQ not long after I first heard it and was happy to be able to
  identify it.

  Gypsy's Caravan and Vito and the Salutations mentioned that it was also
  recorded by Gale Storm, of TV's MY LITTLE MARGIE, whose version went to #4
  the same year. I never heard the Gale Storm version until I got this
  information and then found it on YouTube.

She wants to return those things I bought her
Tell her she can keep them just the same
#12) Herman's Hermits: Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter (1965) [1] {-}

  This was their biggest U.S. hit. Of course, it was one of the highlights of
  the two 2009 shows I attended, in Sellersville, PA, on October 3 and Reading,
  PA, on November 20.

  Delphi Trivia Club: Oddly, both of the U.S. #1 songs for Peter Noone & Co.,
  of which this was the first, were not released as singles in the U.K.

No we ain't gonna fight
Only God has the right
To decide who's to live and die
#13) James, Tommy, and the Shondells: Sweet Cherry Wine (1969) [7] {-}

  Tommy James has written a book, ME, THE MOB, AND THE MUSIC, which focuses on
  his years recording for Roulette Records under Morris Levy. I have read it
  and highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of music from that time period.
  I saw him interviewed about the book at the Free Library of Philadelphia on
  April 18 and then saw him in concert in Glenside, PA, on May 7.

Oh big conniver
Nothin' but a jiver
I done got hip to your jive
#14) Little Richard and His Band: Slippin' and Slidin' (Peepin' and Hidin')
                                                              (1956) [33] {2}

  Another much-recorded song, including a posthumously released version by
  Buddy Holly, whose version was mentioned by DEC & Friends. It's in this GOLQ
  because it was done by Paul Revere & the Raiders.
  Other GOLQ-era charting versions:
    Jim & Monica, #96 in 1964
    Willie Mitchell, #97 in 1967

Whenever I'm with him
Something inside starts to burning
And I'm filled with desire
Could it be the devil in me
#15) Martha and the Vandellas: Heat Wave (1963) [4] {1}

  Talk about an appropriate title! We've been going through quite a heat wave
  in the Eastern U.S. in recent weeks, with more to come.

  Also done by Linda Ronstadt, who reached #5 with it in 1975.

Now I'm standing here
Strange, strange voices in my ears
I feel the tears
#16) Monkees, The: Words (1967) [11] {-}

  Written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart. This was part of a two-sided hit with
  "Pleasant Valley Sunday."  It is often forgotten today, perhaps overshadowed
  by the more successful other side plus a different song called "Words" done
  by the Bee Gees less than a year later.

  Micky Dolenz was part of the same show in which I saw Peter Noone in Reading
  in November 2009.

I was born in a trunk
Mama died and a daddy got drunk
Left me here to die or grow
#17) Nashville Teens, The: Tobacco Road (1964) [14] {n/c}

  Also recorded by Paul Revere & the Raiders, the Blues Magoos, and many
  others. Written by John D. Loudermilk, who has written a great deal of Hot
  100 and country charting songs, including the Raiders' biggest hit, "Indian
  Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)," which charted
  by Don Fardon in the GOLQ era.

  Delphi Trivia Club: A British group, despite their name.

Now they'll always be together
In that happy hunting ground
#18) Preston, Johnny: Running Bear (1959/60) [1] {3}

  I wanted to use this on two other GOLQs I did in the past two years but
  couldn't because it had been used too recently. Finally, I got the chance
  to use my favorite song from second grade.

  Delphi Trivia Club: Written by, and with backing vocals by, The Big Bopper.

  Gypsy's Caravan: Indian sounds..Big Bopper & George Jones.

Now have you got yourself a brand new baby
Don't tell me maybe
Is it so
I got to know
#19) Revere, Paul, and the Raiders: Him or Me - What's It Gonna Be?
                                                               (1967) [5] {-}

  Lead singer Mark Lindsay was also on the same show with Micky Dolenz and
  Peter Noone in what was called "The Teen Idols Tour."  I will be seeing
  Dolenz and Lindsay again with some other 1960s acts later this month.

All I want is to just be free
To live my life the way I wanna be
All I want is to just have fun
To live my life like it's just begun
#20) Seeds, The: Pushin' Too Hard (1966/67) [36] {-}

  Lead singer Sky Saxon died on June 25, 2009. You may have missed this news
  because it occurred on the same day as Farrah Fawcett's passing. The Seeds
  had three other GOLQ-charting records. Not to make light of these sad events,
  but it's clear to me that, as far as GOLQ-era charting action goes, Sky
  Saxon was the only singer of any significance with a last name that rhymed
  with Ackson to have died that day.

Don't get everything, it's true
But what it don't get
I can't use
#21) Strong, Barrett: Money (That's What I Want) (1960) [23] {2}

  Also recorded by the Beatles and first released in the U.S. on THE BEATLES

  Delphi Trivia Club: One of the first singles on Berry Gordy's new Tamla
  label, he licensed it to his sister Anna's label, called Anna, because it
  had better distribution at the time.

  So, of the two songs in this GOLQ that the Beatles released in the 1960s,
  one was about someone named Anna, and the other was on the Anna label!

  Other charting versions:
    The Kingsmen - #23 in 1967
    Jr. Walker & the All Stars - #52 in 1966
    Flying Lizards - #50 in 1980 (I think this version is awful!)

Why can't he see
How blind can he be
Someday he will see
That he was meant for me
#22) Teddy Bears, The: To Know Him, Is To Love Him (1958/59) [1] {10}

  Delphi Trivia Club: Written by Phil Spector, who was one of the Teddy Bears;
  inspired by the epitaph on his father's grave.

  Gypsy's Caravan: Sandy Nelson - drums

  Other charting or notable versions:
    Peter & Gordon - #24 in 1965 (with "You" substituted for "Him")
    Bobby Vinton   - #34 in 1969 (with "You" substituted for "Him")
    The Beatles    - released in 1994 on LIVE AT THE BBC
                     (with "Her" substituted for "Him")

Tell me my darling if you love me
Tell me if you feel the same
Come on and tell me my darling if you love me
Or if all the tears I shed were shed in vain
#23) Thomas, Gene: Sometime (1961) [53] {-}

  I never heard or heard of this song until I got it, with the title of
  "Sometimes" on a couple of CDs in the 1990s--by the Gentrys (of "Keep On
  Dancin'" fame) and, you guessed it, Paul Revere and the Raiders. When I
  looked in the "Bubbling Under" chart book for a potential tie-breaker song
  by the Raiders, I found that their version (which predated their period of
  big hits) had made this chart. The Gene Thomas charting version was noted
  under it, so this got me to consider that one for inclusion in this GOLQ.

  Die, Monster, Die!: Half of one-hit wonder Gene and Debbie ("Playboy").

[voice 1] I was born in New York City
[voice 2] I was born in Georgia
[voice 1] Girl you're lookin' kind of pretty
[voice 2] Don't you think we ought to
[both voices] Get to know each other better
#24) Vera, Billy & Judy Clay: Country Girl - City Man (1968) [36] {41}

  This is a song I had totally forgotten about until I got the CD WILD THING:
  THE SONGS OF CHIP TAYLOR, released last year by Ace in the U.K. Chip Taylor,
  like John D. Loudermilk, wrote or co-wrote a lot of songs you probably know,
  including this one, a collaboration with Ted Daryll. Billy Vera & Judy Clay
  had two hits together, this one and "Storybook Children" (a song that's
  included on the aforementioned CD in a version by Vera and Nona Hendryx).
  Judy Clay had a hit with William Bell called "Private Number," also in 1968
  and which I also had not heard for many, many years until I heard it played
  over a restaurant sound system not too long ago. Billy Vera made a comeback
  in the late 1980s doing "At This Moment" with a group called the Beaters.

When the rooster crows at the break of dawn
Look out your window and I'll be gone
You're the reason that I'm travelin' on
#25) Wonder Who?, The: Don't Think Twice (1965/66) [12] {-}

  This is my all-time favorite version of any Bob Dylan song!  I wasn't
  particularly looking for it to be included this time, but while I was
  glancing down the list of songs used in past GOLQs, it stood out, and I
  noticed that this song as done by Peter, Paul, and Mary had last been used
  in GOLQ231. So, it was newly eligible again, and I pounced on it.

  Die, Monster, Die!: Later unmasked as The 4 Seasons. Does not use the full
  title of Bob Dylan's classic.

  Delphi Trivia Club: The Four Seasons in disguise, featuring Frankie Valli
  in an even higher falsetto than usual.


When you're out in your car
It's a Saturday night and you're tired of ridin' around
And you don't wanna go to a picture show
'Cause you've seen every show in town
#T1) Allison, Keith: Action, Action, Action (1966) [-] {-}

  Keith Allison was a regular on the ABC-TV daytime show, WHERE THE ACTION IS
  (sometimes just called ACTION). This was the second of two theme songs used
  for the show. The first was "Action" by Freddy Cannon (which charted and was
  used fewer than 50 GOLQs ago). Paul Revere and the Raiders got their big
  break as regulars on this show. After the show went off the air, the group
  went through a few personnel changes, and Keith Allison eventually joined
  the band.

  This was one recording from my youth that I had been seeking high and low
  for many years. I finally got it recently on a 4-CD boxset, WHERE THE ACTION
  IS! LOS ANGELES NUGGETS 1965-1968. Unfortunately, no one got this one.

You don't like crazy music
You don't like rockin' bands
You just wanna go to a movie show
And sit there holdin' hands
#T2) Presley, Elvis: (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care (1957/58) [-] {14}


#T2) Holly, Buddy: (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care (1958) [-] {-}

  More entries mentioned the Presley version than the Buddy Holly version, so
  Elvis's version becomes the official answer.

  Gypsy's Caravan: From JAILHOUSE ROCK. Ironically also have it by
  Joni Mitchell.

  As of 2000, the only charting version of this song was Joni Mitchell's.


This chart ranks the songs/artists from most to least recognized. The second
number on the line denotes the average number of points scored on that song
(total points divided by number of entrants, to 2 decimal places). For
comparison purposes, tie-breakers are scored here on the usual 20-point scale.

Most of the songs by the "good-time" groups from the late 1960s did rather
poorly, probably because I chose lesser-known songs by these groups. At least
the hugely successful Herman's Hermits song that I included just missed being
perfect. Two songs that finished in the bottom half nevertheless did better
than I expected--"That Old Black Magic," perhaps because it has been recorded
by so many artists, and "The 81."

Rank Avg. Song
T01 20.00 #02) Berry, Chuck, and His Combo: Maybellene
T01 20.00 #15) Martha and the Vandellas: Heat Wave
 03 19.83 #12) Herman's Hermits: Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter
T04 19.44 #18) Preston, Johnny: Running Bear
T04 19.44 #25) Wonder Who?, The: Don't Think Twice
 06 19.22 #06) Cooke, Sam: Wonderful World
 07 18.33 #09) Ford, Frankie: Sea Cruise
T08 17.78 #03) Bonds, U.S.: New Orleans
T08 17.78 #10) Franklin, Aretha: Chain Of Fools
T08 17.78 #17) Nashville Teens, The: Tobacco Road
 11 17.72 #21) Strong, Barrett: Money (That's What I Want)
T12 17.22 #07) Davis, Sammy, Jr.: That Old Black Magic
T12 17.22 #08) Drifters, The: Sweets For My Sweet
T12 17.22 #22) Teddy Bears, The: To Know Him, Is To Love Him
 15 16.67 #04) Candy and the Kisses: The 81
 16 16.61 #01) Alexander, Arthur: Anna (Go To Him)
 17 15.00 #11) Guitar, Bonnie: Dark Moon
 18 14.83 #14) Little Richard and His Band: Slippin' and Slidin' (Peepin' and
 19 14.44 #T2) Presley, Elvis: (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
 20 14.17 #24) Vera, Billy & Judy Clay: Country Girl - City Man
 21 13.89 #13) James, Tommy, and the Shondells: Sweet Cherry Wine
T22 13.33 #05) Clique, The: Sugar On Sunday
T22 13.33 #19) Revere, Paul, and the Raiders: Him or Me - What's It Gonna Be?
T24 12.22 #16) Monkees, The: Words
T24 12.22 #20) Seeds, The: Pushin' Too Hard
T24 12.22 #23) Thomas, Gene: Sometime
 27  0.00 #T1) Allison, Keith: Action, Action, Action

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