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Subject: Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #179 (GOLQ179)
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Welcome to Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #179 

This quiz contains both lyrics as well as audio excerpts, similar to
the ones in GOLQ 178. The audio clips are several seconds in length.
As usual, the first 25 songs are in alphabetical order by artist,
followed by two tie-breakers alphabetized with respect to each other.

Note: The reuse criteria for song eligibility that was temporarily
suspended for GOLQ178 is in effect for this GOLQ.

This quiz does not contain a theme.  If you experience technical
difficulties accessing the website <> or
individual songs, please contact me at <>.

E-mail (DO NOT POST) your answers to me at <>.  Make
sure to e-mail early, as there are often delays.  I will acknowledge
receipt of entries via e-mail.

Good luck to all!

Rich Ardini

                    Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz  #179
               Songs #01-25 were from 1957 through 1969
               Due 5:00 PM ET, Friday, November 30, 2001

Well at the last hop you know that it was plain to see
We did the Mashed Potato and it sure was fun
Now everybody wants to see the way it was done

There's one more thing 
You know to have somebody to worry when you worry
Feel the need of a real person 
When your friends drop you behind

Ah, here's a dance you should know
Oh baby, when the lights are down low
I said, grab your baby then go

She'll be sugar and spice (sugar and spice)
Everything nice now (everything nice)
And then (and then) and then (and then) and then (and then)
She gonna break your heart

If I only had a dollar
For every song I've sung
Every time, I've had to play
While people sat there drunk

Since I got rid of all my troubles
Yes I've done got over at last
No more crying, no more sighing
No more walk and talk over you

Daddy told you long ago
Not to come in late no more
Running over town just like a bum
But you think that he's a square
And you say you've been everywhere
Wait 'til tomorrow you sit down

How I wish that love is all we'd need to live
For the life we have, 'cause I've got so much to give
And it seems so wrong deep inside my heart
That the dollar sign could be keeping us apart

Lost love and loneliness
Memories of your caress, so divine
How I wish you were mine, again my dear

All of the girls think you're fine
They even call you Romeo
Ya got 'em, yeh, ya got 'em runnin' to and fro, yes you have
But I don't want a one-night thrill
I want a love that's for real
And I can tell by your line, your's is not the lastin' kind

When I awake 
And see her there so close beside me
I want to take her in my arms, the ache is there
So deep inside me

Two broken hearts lonely
Looking like houses where nobody lives
Two people each having so much pride inside
Neither side forgives
The angry words spoken in haste
Such a waste of two lives

You didn't know it but I saw you, too
In your letter sweater of gold and blue
Your big broad shoulders and your flashing eyes
I picked you out from all the other guys

When you walk away from me 
There is no place to put my hand
Except to shade my eyes against the sun that rises over land
I watch you walk away, somehow I have to let you go

Well, we'll get that ring then be on our way
To see the preacher man
And when I say "I do" sweetheart
I'll slip the ring on your lovin' hand

We'll try not to overstay
But if we do it's okay, baby
Maybe we can slip away
We can love 'til the break of day 
We don't care what people say
We just go our way

Have mercy
Have mercy
Have a little love 
If you please
Everybody get on the floor

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