Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 08:09:53 -0400
From: Rick Schubert <>
Subject: Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #201 (GOLQ201)

Welcome to Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #201.  I was Quizmaster for GOLQ #1 and
GOLQ #101, and at those times I never imagined that there would a GOLQ #100 or
GOLQ #200.  Now I can't imagine that there will be a GOLQ #300, but I'd like to
maintain my perfect record.

This quiz contains audio excerpts.  The audio clips are several seconds in
length, and they may or may not contain lyrics.  As usual, the first 25 songs
are in alphabetical order by artist, followed by two tie-breakers alphabetized
with respect to each other.

The audio clips are available at

You may download either the individual mp3 files or
 which is a 2.0MB zip file

containing all 27 sound clips.

Note: Since this is an audio quiz, we have chosen again to temporarily suspend
the reuse criterion rule for song eligibility for this quiz (that songs cannot
be reused within a 50-quiz span) except that none of these songs have been used
in audio form in any of the previous audio GOLQs.

We think that this quiz contains a good mix of songs in terms of levels of
difficulty.  We hope you will agree.

This quiz contains no intentional themes.

If you experience technical difficulties accessing the website or individual songs, please contact me at

E-mail (DO NOT POST) your answers to me at  Make sure to
e-mail early, as there are often delays.  I will acknowledge receipt of entries
via e-mail.

Please note that I will be away from e-mail during the middle of October.  I
will be back in plenty of time to answer any questions you may have and to
acknowledge your entries.  If you have general GOLQ questions, feel free to
contact any of the other Quizmasters, but please do not discuss specific
answers with them as they are also quiz entrants.

Good luck to all!

Rick Schubert & Norm Katuna (and his 45 collection, the source of all the sound
clips on this quiz)

If you do not have the official GOLQ Rules (a posted copy of the rules should
follow a posted copy of this quiz on most sites), you may read them at the
following web address:

If you want GOLQs and their Results/Answers sent directly to you via e-mail,
just send e-mail to consisting only of the word
"subscribe" in the body, not the subject, of the message.

                     Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz  #201
                Recordings #01-#25 were from 1955 through 1969
                Due 5:00 PM PST, Friday, October 31, 2003


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