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Welcome to GOLQ 212, another offering by The NAVAIRHEADS. This GOLQ
contains no specific themes. Enjoy.

Tom Pillion and Rick ("The Falk") Falkenstein


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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #212
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1956 through 1969
          Due 5:00 p.m. EDT (GMT-4), Thursday, September 30, 2004

I spend the night in a chair
Thinking she'll be there
But she never comes

There's no girl I know can beat her
When it comes to being sweeter

Still I wish you'd change your mind
If I ask you one more time
But we've been through that a hundred times or more

Who's a frantic little bopper in some sloppy socks
Just a crazy rock and roller, little Goldilocks

A lot of shoes, a lot of rice
The groom is nervous, uhh, he answers twice

If there's someone else, don't let me see him
Cause I'll spend my time wishing I could be him

She thrills me, yeah
My baby thrills me all the time
She sends cold chills up and down my spine

I have installed a shower stall
Across the hall
Running water and a den
It's looking like home again

I feel your touch, your warm embrace,
And I'm in heaven again

I told you, baby, a million times
You're just about to make me lose my mind
I'm getting tired of playing second fiddle

"Do I flatter her?" I begged him answer.
"Do I threaten or cajole or plead?
Do I brood or play the gay romancer?"
Said he, smiling, "No indeed"

For Halloween buy her a trumpet,
For Christmas, give her a drum

I ain't the kind to hang around
With any new love that I've found
Movin' is my stock in trade, I'm movin' on
I won't think of you when I'm gone

I always spend my time
Just writing lines to you
Can't wait for you to write
Saying you love me, too

Now the stage is bare
And I'm standing there
With emptiness all around

What would the teacher do,
What would the teacher say,
What would the teacher do
If the teacher knew we's out all day

Go ahead, baby, go ahead
Go ahead and light up the town, baby
Do everything your heart desires
Remember, I'll always be around
And I know, I know, like I told you
So many times before

Hardly need to say, she went on her way,
Said it was all over
Well, it's been some time
And I guess that I'm just meant to be a rover

The best things in life are free
But you can give 'em to the birds and the bees

After you've been, been so good to me
I've been unfaithful, Darlin', I've caused you misery

And then I close my eyes
and though it's make believe
I pretend she's in love with me

Don't you know I need you so
Tell me please I've got to know
Do you mean to make me cry
Am I just another guy?

Whoa I just got to know
Oh baby cause I love you so
Gonna blow for ya

It seems like a year
Since you've been out of my sight

So keep it up, quench my desire
And I'll be at your side forever more



You can crystallize through my mind's weary wanderings
I may see your shadowed image on my wall


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