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Welcome to GOLQ223, a NAVAIRHEAD quiz with no specific theme.  Enjoy.

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #223
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1956 through 1969
           Due 5:00 p.m. EDT (GMT-4), Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What to do, oh I'm left here just crying
Over you, oh, I'm so blue, what can I do

Now me and my mate were back at the shack
We had Spike Jones on the box
She said I can't take the way that he sings
But I love to hear him talk

Akey rice, salt fish are nice
And the rum is fine any time of year

But when I walk with you
My soul starts every star

Was so good to be young then
To be close to the earth
And to stand by your wife
At the moment of birth

When my friends told me you had someone new
I didn't believe a single word was true
I told them all I had faith in you

The silver moon will fade too soon
And bring the dawn when you'll be gone
Before you go please let me know
That what you feel is really real

It was just five years today
When his daddy passed away
He was found beneath the snow
So cold and white

Come here, little man
Don't be afraid, I'm your daddy
I guess you'll get used to me in time

You've got to prime the pump
You must have faith and believe
You've got to give of yourself
'Fore you're worthy to receive

Though someone that you've met
Has made you forget
Honey, you know you can count on me

All you gotta do, honey, is stand in one spot
Wiggle around just a little bit

So don't roam, just be my honeycomb
And live in a heaven of love

What I'd give if I could hear
The three little words that would thrill the heart of me
Just whisper (shhh) I love you and will eternally

But something's wrong, I cannot move around
My leg is caught, it's pulling me down

Squeeze me, tease me, please me

I was in heaven when I held her hand
And all of her kisses, they were so grand
And I really loved her

Well, it's when we're gonna kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss
And we're gonna kiss some more

The breeze from the bayou keeps murmuring low

With hurry-home-drops on her cheek
That trickled from her eye

Well, our children they numbered just about four
And they all had a sweetheart a-knockin' at the door

Your old man took her diamonds
And tiaras by the score

The hurt will bring teardrops to my eyes
Though I would pretend that now she's just a friend
You'd look at me and see right through the lies

Pretty little one that I adore
You're the only one my heart beats for
How I wish that you were mine

As I look back
I can see me lost and searching
Now I find that I can choose


Phase one, in which Doris gets her oats

Your friends they say I am a stranger
You'll never see my face no more
There is just one promise that's given
We'll sail on God's golden shore


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