Date: 10 Jan 2006 03:11:29 -0000
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From: Regina Litman <>
Subject: Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz 228 (GOLQ228)


Welcome to GOLQ 228. This is my third attempt at doing a GOLQ, but this is the
first one that doesn't have a theme.  These songs, including the tie-breakers,
run the full range of the 1955-1969 time span.  This time, I used only record-
ings that were in my collection or on CDs that were borrowed from a local
library so that I wouldn't make the mistake of putting in lyrics I know from
a different rendition of a song that turn out not to be part of the one I'm
including in the quiz.  I hope that none of the songs I chose were represented
in my collection as an album or alternate version from which I chose lyrics
that weren't part of the hit single.

Have fun, and have a great new year!

Regina Litman <>


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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #228
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
            Due 5:00 p.m. EST (GMT-5), Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Something said I shouldn't waste no time
If I'm ever gonna make her mine
I walked right up and said how do you do do do
She said I'll bet I do as good as you

It's the jerk
He's doing the fly
Don't play him cheap
You know he ain't shy

And when the final act is over
And you're left standing all alone
When he takes his bow and makes his exit
I'll be there to take you home

A time to gain, a time to lose
A time to rend, a time to sew
A time for love, a time for hate
A time for peace
I swear it's not too late

Baby I'm parked outside your door
Remember making love, making love, ooh making love in the storm
And then a flash from above
Lightning lightning lightning lightning lightning

From Atlanta, Georgia
To the Gulf Stream water
To Californ-eye-ay
I'm gonna spend my life both night and day

There's nothing more I can say
I see those big bright eyes
And then I realize
That girl is going to get her way

Gonna rock and roll long as the band's gonna play
Gonna holler gonna shout gonna knock myself right out

You mixed me up but good
Right from the very start
Hey go play Robin Hood
With somebody else's heart

[voice 1] You know you told me there would never be another
And you know you lied
When you lied you hurt me baby
[voice 2] When I left and I went away
I didn't know how much I loved you
Until today

All it took was just one little look
Into your eyes
I'll do whatever you say
Command me and I'll obey

Tears I don't have to hide
'Cause I just lock my door and let myself go
And lay right down and cry

All your life you been locked in your room
You never had a chance to roam
Away from home

It really burns me up when they put him down
He's the only one saying something in this whole town
Instead of all the trouble they hand him
Why don't they try to understand him?

And there's a whole wide world of happiness just waiting for you and me
So why don't you tell me (why don't you tell me)
That you love me only (love me only)

Yeah me and my baby
We were doing fine
When we started dancin'
He was mine all mine

You know I'm sorry
I'll prove it
With just one kiss

I need your lovin' all the time
I need your huggin' please be mine
Need you near me stay real close
Please please hear me
You're the most

Went to the river but I couldn't jump in
Now I know I just can't win
There's only one thing left for me to do
Is try not to think about you

There was a time
My love was needed
My life completed
My dreams come true

I can be as wild as a bumblebee
And fly with the eagles above
I don't care whatever you make of me
Just make me your love

Everything is gonna be fine
'Cause someday soon I'm gonna make you all mine
There'll be no running around
You've met your Waterloo

One, two, and then jump
It's good for your soul
It's old but it's new

And who makes me feel like smiling
When the weary day is through?

Me and little J-O-E will be going away
I love you both
And this will be pure H-E-double-L for me
Oh, I wish that we could stop this


Go ahead and cry
I'll be standing by
You need a new love
You need a true love

Could've made me wait this long
Wanting your kiss
But now you're really mine
I'll make up for the time you made us miss


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