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Welcome to GOLQ249.  I suspect most will find this at first to be a
difficult quiz.  However, those who spend some time taking advantage of the
themes should reap some satisfying rewards.  Every one of the 27 songs
connects to at least one of the two major themes running through the quiz. 
These two themes themselves are related and point to something that we
would all benefit from having more of in our lives.

Marc Dashevsky <>


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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #249
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1967
           Due 5:00 p.m. EST (GMT-5), Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It seemed so funny to me

But when I pass you on the street
My little heart no no-no-no-no-no longer skips a beat
Like it did the day you said we were through

I've got smog in my noggin
Ever since you made the scene (you're the utmost)

Make it a beautiful joke
No one will know you broke my heart
But if I find you and I
Really meant that last good-bye

One fine day as I was walking down the street
Spied a beggar man with rags upon his feet
Took a penny from my pocket
In his tin cup I did drop it
And I heard him say as I made my retreat

But when he knows you're telling lies
And he hears 'em passing by
He's not a man at all

He's the toughest man there is alive
Wearing clothes from a wildcat's hide
He's the king of the jungle jive

Remember the day you left our place
And how the tears rolled down my face
It wasn't because you were leaving me
I was happy because you were pleasing me

Stars fill the sky
No need to cry
So in love am I

Making up is the thing to do
Don't you know what I say is true

It's sad, so sad to watch love go bad
But a true love would not have gone wrong
I'm just thankful for the good times we've had
For without them I could not go on

Dreaming of your love and not knowing where to start
Dreaming of your love and not knowing where to start
Dreaming of your love and not knowing where to start

Though we're out of focus
It's easy to see
That we're happy to be as we are
We're laughing all the time
And loving's not a crime

The scene was rocking all were digging the sounds

I pushed my foot down to the floor to give the guy the shake

Well, stay away from me
Well, your crying eyes can see
Your tears don't mean a thing
'Cause you know you are to blame
Yes, you lost your chance when you tried to tell me what to do

There are tears you'll never see
No you'll never see my tears and pity me
Though I'm hurt, still I'm proud
Always laughing as I walk among the crowd

And I'll cry for you
And I'll pray for you
And I'll do all the things that the man upstairs says to do
I'll do'em for you

Laugh and the world laughs with you
Cry and you cry alone

When the laugh is over
And the joke's on you
A girl ought to have a sense of humor
That's one thing you really need for sure

Suddenly the setting is strange
I can see water and moonlight beaming
Silver waves that break on some undiscovered shore
Then suddenly I see it all change
Long winter nights with the candles gleaming
Through it all your face that I adore

Kemosabe, that's it! Kemosabe. Hey, out there, kemosabe!
No, that ain't it.

When the shadows fall
And when the sunlight gleams
Smiling through it all
Till we find our dreams

Your new love, she really must have hurt you
She really must have filled your heart with pain
'Cause I know you well and you could never fool me
I know that somehow you're not the same

Time to go, close the show, wave the people good-bye
Grab my coat, grab my hat, look that girl in the eye
Where's your home? What's your phone number? Stop fooling 'round


I saw Mau Mau kissing Santa Claus

See the Mau Maus underneath the jungle sky
Jolly Mau Maus eating missionary pie


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