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Welcome to the May edition of the quiz.  No intended themes, so just enjoy!

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #292
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1968
           Due 5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) on Tuesday, May 31, 2011.

I've known your kiss
And I've been close to heaven
The thrill of this
Will last me 'til my life is through

I know you got things to do
But everybody's expecting you

Yeah, there is heaven right here on earth
With those beautiful queens

Ooh, you got to do anything you wanna
Yeah!  Got to got to love you
Yeah!  Let me let me hold you
Yeah!  Let me let me squeeze you

Now do you want my love
Or are we through?

You know we'll never get along
It makes me feel so blue
I'd go away, but what's the use?
I'd come right back to you

Speak to her, Mister Rainbow
And take her under your branches, Mister Tree

I appreciate your understanding of my generation's need for individuality
And need to rebel against the long file of look-alike faces
For us, there was a simple answer:  hair
Hair on the face and hair on the head - lots of it

Two train tickets to L.A.
One round-trip the other way
I'll make my bed with feather balls
I start to move when forever calls

You ask her if she loves you
She answers "I do"
Your heart starts glowing inside
And then you will know she is just for you

I could love you, but why begin it?
'Cause there ain't any future in it

When we walk
You like to hold my hand
And when we talk
You tell me I'm your man

While we're dancing face to face
Oh, my darling, let's embrace
We'll be drifting into space

You smiled at me and really eased the pain

So many people need me
I've got so much, so much to do
But when my travelin' is over

I paid 300 years or more
Of slave-drivin' sweat and welts on my back

But I know that she's a girl
Just you wait and see

The lawn we were proud of
Is wavin' in hay
Our beautiful garden
Has withered away

You just took the coward's way to say goodbye
How would you feel here in my place?

You know the preacher likes the cold
He knows I'm gonna stay

Just because you've become a young man now
There's still some things that you don't understand now

We've already said "so long"

Little girl, now you're mine
Come-a let me hug you

And there's no need to take a stand
For it was I who chose to start

It's a year since he was here
Kentucky bluebird, fly away


You broke the rules
You laid it down for all to see
You laid it down for all to see

Well, you know that I love you so
You're the sweetest thing in the wor-orld


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