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Welcome to GOLQ302.  There is one theme broken down into 4 sub-themes, with
5-8 songs, including the tie-breakers, within each sub-theme.

Due to the theme, not every year within the usual 1955-1969 time frame is
represented, while some other years within 1955-1969 are only represented
by one or more songs that either entered the chart that year but peaked the
following year or had peaked the previous year but were still on the chart
when that year began.


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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #302
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1956 through 1969
            Due 5:00 p.m. EDT (GMT-4), Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh I guess they'll never know
How a young heart really feels
And why I love her so

We danced through the night
And we held each other tight
And before too long I fell in love with her
Now I'll never dance with another

People talk and try to break us up
Oh well we know they don't understand
But I don't care what the people may say
I'm gonna keep on holding her hand

How did Wiscon sin, boy?
She stole a new brass key
Too bad that Arksan saw, boy
And so did Tenna see

Now I have children of my own
They ask their mother
What will I be?
Will I be handsome?
Will I be rich?

I'm thinking of
What it would be like if she loved me
You know just lately
This happy song it came along

I held you, held you tight
'Cause I love, love you so
Promise I'll never let you go

Someday if you're lonely and you'll want me only
Here's what to do
(What should I do?)
Call me my darling

Woke up this morning feeling fine
There's something special on my mind
Last night I met a new girl in the neighborhood

If I could
You'd see how much you
Send those shivers running down my spine
Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh

You don't need anybody to kiss you
Every day I'll be here by your side
Don't go 'way
I'm afraid I might miss you

Wo-oh-oh the pain
Some folks run and others hide
There ain't nothing they can do
And some folks put on armor

And then she showed me what to do
First I was amazed
Soon I learned a step or two
Put me in a daze

Her loving arms reach out for me
Soon I'll be heading home
Then my sailing days will be over
And no more will I roam

She's the same little girl who used to hang around my door
But she sure looks different than the way she looked before

Well it's one for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready

Well now, if your baby leaves you
And you've got a tale to tell
Well just take a walk down lonely street

You're searchin' for good times
But just wait and see
You'll come runnin' back
(I won't have to worry no more)
You'll come runnin' back
(Spend the rest of my life with you baby)

Don't think that I don't need ya
Don't think I don't wanna please ya
But no child of mine will be bearin'
The name of shame I been wearin'

I'll never know what made it so exciting
Why all at once
My heart took flight

It's all too beautiful!
It's all too beautiful!
It's all too beautiful!
It's all too beautiful!

Now listen honey
I just want to be beside you everywhere
As long as we're together honey I don't care
'Cause you started somethin'
Now can't you see

The way you call me darlin', darlin'
Sets my heart to skating
And if I'm out in the rain, baby
And in a bad situation
You know I just reach back in my mind

'Cause so badly I wanna go outside
(Such a lovely day)
But everyone knows that a man ain't supposed to cry
I gotta cry 'cause cryin'
Eases the pain, aw yeah

Well now it takes more than a robin to make the winter go
And it takes two lips afire to melt away the snow
Well it takes two hearts a-cookin' to make a fire grow


Well when I saw you baby
I couldn't ignore you
And I wanted you for my girl
And when you said Yeah
I just couldn't care about anyone else in this world

Yeah I heard a funny thing
Somebody said to me
You know that I could be in love with almost everyone
I think that people are the greatest fun
And I will be alone again tonight with you


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