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Welcome to GOLQ312.  There is a theme which covers at least 24 of the 27
songs.	(I threw three songs in at the end when I ran out of theme ideas.
Who knows? Maybe one or more of them fit the theme after all.)


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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #312
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1956 through 1969
           Due 5:00 p.m. EST (GMT-5), Thursday, January 31, 2013

You gotta be able to blow your cool
If you wanna get on in this world
You can't be afraid to be some kinda fool
If you wanna get on in this world

You said that you'd believe me
Then why'd you ever leave me
I'm standing here all alone
Without a girl of my own

Don't go around with your head hung down
Well I wouldn't let the little girl know
Wouldn't let her know
That she made me feel like a clown

And you, you are my girl
And no one can hurt you
Oh no

Well she goes down to the baker when she wants a cake
She goes down to the butcher when she wants a steak

Whenever I'm with you
I know, I know, I know when I'm near you
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm
Honest you do
Honest you do

Didn't it seem right
To walk along the sand last night
And to gaze out at the night
Through your window

Oh girl
Why won't you let me love you
And let your troubled heart be free
Ah take heed to all my goodness
Take a hold and follow me

He came from outer space
Looking for something to eat
He landed in Chicago
He thought Chicago was a treat

Kiss him and squeeze him tight
And find out what you want to know
If it's love, if it really is

Chicago city limits
That's what the sign on the highway read

I know that you're an angel
Heaven is in your eyes

When you wake up early in the mornin'
Feelin' sad like so many of us do
Hum a little soul
Make life your goal
And surely somethin's gotta come to you

For love
Just as long as I live
Til the day Lady Luck smiles at me

I need you
My baby
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Look at me
I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree
And I feel like I'm clinging to a cloud
I can't understand

You speak-a to me and I'm weak as a child
You call-a my name and it drives me wild
I love you baby
Can't let-a you go
That's why I must let you know

Baby baby it's you I'm thinking of
In the morning when I wake up
In the evening it's you that I dream of

As the snow flies
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin'
A poor little baby child is born

I was born in a city they call the Windy City
They call it the Windy City because of the Hawk
The Hawk
The Almighty Hawk
Mr. Wind

We run around
Have a lot of fun
She whispers in my ear and say
Oh you're the one

On State Street
That great street
They do things they don't do on Broadway

With your nose pressed to the window
Life is just a mirror of your mind
You can find much more to get into
Make up your mind baby
Now is the time

He's never near you
To comfort and cheer you
When all those sad tears are
Fallin' baby from your eyes

Twenty-four little hours
Brought the sun and the flowers
Where there used to be rain


Time passes much too quickly
When we're together laughing
I wish I could sing it to you
Woh-no, I wish I could sing it to you

What I wanna do
Build a house next door to you
Can I see you some time
We can throw kisses through the blinds


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