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Welcome to GOLQ313! This quiz has an easily identifiable seasonal theme
that should help entrants to identify the more difficult songs and the few
stumpers. There is also a minor common thread that applies to two of the
selections. Enjoy!

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #313
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1968
           Due 5:00 p.m. EST (GMT-5), Thursday, February 28, 2013

I have to gain faith
Hope and charity
God only knows
The girl who will love me

Gone from my arms
Gone from my lips
But still in my heart

Kiss them heartaches goodbye
I'm so proud that you're my guy

Didn't I make you feel
Like you were the only man, yeah

Why is my heart so light
Why are the stars so bright
Why is the sky so blue
Since the hour I met you

We'd laugh and we'd sing
And do the little things
That made my heart glow

The way they kiss
Their happiness
Will my aching heart ever mend

Heart to heart forever, lips entwined
I am yours and you are mine, all mine

But then I hear your voice
And something stirs inside of me
Somehow I can't dismiss
The memory of your kiss

But I still have your love
To remember you by

At a party or at a dance
I just don't feel loved
My mom and dad they holler all the time
Everything I do is wrong

Everybody's got to love somebody sometime
Everybody's got to win a heart

The sun is out
The sky is blue
There's not a cloud
To spoil the view

I fix broken hearts
I know I really can

A heart that's true and longs for you is all I have to give
All my love belongs to you as long as I may live

Please let me hold you
And love you
For always and always

Too real when I feel
What my heart can`t conceal

And, you know when all your dreams
When all your dreams of a lifetime must
Must all come to an end, yeah,

Better listen, little girl
You go on walkin' down the street
I ain't got no love
I ain't the kind to meet

What a big heart I have
The better to love you with

Now when you're ill you take a pill
When you're thirsty, drink your fill
What you gonna do, oh yeah, when love gets a hold
A hold on you

I've never loved as I love you
You've set a flame within me burning
A flame to stay within me yearning

Anyone who ever loved
Could look at me
And know that I love you

I want you to know
I'll leave your arms

Yeah! Just 'cause I ain't been sayin', girl
You should be ashamed of what I been seein', bad
Yeah! You better watch your step or, girl
You can bet you're gonna lose the best thing you ever had


I'll take my chances
For romance is
So important to me

My friend stole my sweetheart from me


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