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From: Mike Weaver <>
Subject: Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz 315 (GOLQ315)


I am flattered to have been asked to be a guest QM for this, the April 2013
edition of the quiz. I have been having fun with GOLQs since about 1995 and
welcome the opportunity to try to "give back" and to give the regular QMs a
bit of a break.

All songs reside within the 1955 to 1969 (inclusive) time period.

There are no intended themes because I'm not that clever, but I hope
everyone has fun with quiz none-the-less.

- Mike Weaver <>


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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #315
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
             Due 5:00 p.m. EDT (GMT-4), Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Whenever I hear a drummer
Play that funky beat
I drop everything and
Get out of my seat

And then a flash from above
Lightning, Lightning
Lightning, Lightning
Just like our love
It was exc-i-i-i-ting

Well I looked at my watch and it was ten-o-five
And man I didn't know if I was dead or alive

Someone's radio
Has the news tuned in
But nobody cares what he's saying

I can't wheel, I can't deal
Since you walked out on me, yeah
Holy smoke, what you doin' to me, yeah

Down by the malt shop
Shortly thereafter
Met another girl
About as cute as she could be

Oh he's dancing with another
And he's holding her so tight
Wish I had the nerve to cut right in and stop it
But a girl has to be polite

Cleopatra sailing down the Nile with Marc
Was huggin' and kissin' and happy as a lark
But suddenly she ran her fingers through his hair
Stopped and said "well I declare"

I got a gal and she sure looks classy
Smooth as a car with a fiberglass chassis
Spicy as a magazine and twice as sassy

I only met you just a couple of days ago
I only met you and I want your loving so

But if you find the right boy to marry
Life can be a bowl of cherries

We've been goin' steady for such a long time
And up until now everything was just fine
You say you still love me, but it's not the same
It's so plain to see that you're playing a game

He's might handy
With a gun and a knife

I got holes in both of my shoes
Well I'm a walkin' case of the blues
Saw a dollar yesterday
But the wind blew it away

Once I meant the world to her
She used to hold me close to her
Then she went and said goodbye
She couldn't care now if I live or die

I'm just about
At the end of my rope
But I can't stop trying
I can't give up hope

Oh the fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path
And the seagulls they'll be smilin'
And the rocks on the sand will proudly stand

When your kisses start to getting good
That's when you end it
When you know how much on you my dear
My love depended

Did you ever mean those sweet things
Ah, that you used to say
Did you mean 'em baby
Of a house with a lovely, lovely garden
And a little baby someday

All right, I warned ya now
Oh me, if Gramma hadn't run me so bad,
I wouldn't be so outta air.

And what about your dad
Did you think of what he'll say
Will he be understanding
Or does he think in the usual way

Your lips are my lips
My heart is your heart
Never let us be further than
Just a breath apart

Sometimes we stand on the top of a hill
And we gaze at the earth and the sky
I turn to you and you melt in my arms
There we are darling, only you and I

She used to hold me close at the picture show
That was when she really, really loved me so
Then he came along
Like the stormy sea

You pretended to be mine
How could you be so unkind
With all the other girls
You played


On my last birthday oh-oooh-oh
He said this is my heart oh-oooh-oh
And while you wear it oh-oooh-oh
We'll never be ap-a-a-art
Though someday he may give me rubies
And a diamond ring

So please Mr. Mailman
Take away the letter
It's just a sad memory
No, Mr. Mailman the sooner I forget her
The better off I'll be
She didn't say "I love you"
Or "I'm thinking of you"


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