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Welcome to the July edition of the quiz.  There is one minor theme,
encompassing roughly 11 songs.

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #318
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
            Due 5:00 p.m. EDT (GMT-4), Wednesday, July 31, 2013.

When I look into your big brown eyes
It's so very plain to see

We'll settle down in a bamboo hut
And he will be my own little coconut
Then we'll be beachcombin' royalty

Without a warning
You broke my heart
You took it, darling
And you tore it apart

When I hold you in my arms
I know that I can't do no wrong

Sweeten my coffee with a morning kiss
Soften my dreams with your sigh

You changed like night and day
Just upped and walked away
When she came along

Alone and far away from home
A boy stands in a foreign land
Lonely is he, and in the dark he wipes away a tear

Wait until the war is over
And we're both a little older

If you want him to be
The very part of you
Make you want to breathe
Here's the thing to do

Hey, baby
Could you maybe
Have some love for me?
If you think so
Then, well, I'll know
All my possibilities

Through these walls so thin
I hear my neighbors when
They say "She don't love him, she don't love him"
They say my heart's in danger
'Cause you're leaving me
For the love of a stranger

Gee, girl
Why can't I make you see, girl?
Just what you mean to me, girl
Then you would know I'd never go away without you

On your mark (on your mark)
Get set (get set)
Now ready (ready)

Compliments to you
From all the people we meet

I see you standin' in the alleys and the hallways (wait a second!)
You're gone now
I run to touch you but you vanish through the doorways

That my four little children will not come up
In the same young days that I came up within
But they will be judged on the basis of the content of their character
Not the color of their skin

And as I take your hand
Say that you'll be mine tonight

Well, I guess I've had my day
And you let me go my way
Now it's me who has to pay

He said, you'd be surprised at the things you do now
That you're still gonna do
Oh, but you will

A long time ago, now, now sweet thing
I made a big mistake, honey
I say, I said goodbye (bye-bye, bye-bye, bye)

It's a light and tumble journey
From the East Side to the Park
Just a fine and fancy ramble

You gotta hug 'em (hug 'em)
Then you kiss 'em (kiss 'em)
You gotta love 'em (love 'em)
Then you miss them (miss them)

The childhood part of my life wasn't very pretty
See, I was born and raised in the slums of a city
It was a one-room shack that slept ten other children beside me
We hardly had enough food or room to sleep

To hear her say
"Darling, I do"

The roses all have left your cheek
I watched them fade away and die
Your voice is sad when you speak
And tears bedim your lovin' eyes


Wearin' pearls and a diamond ring
Got bracelets on her arm and ever'thing

I've been watching you for days, now, baby
I just love your sexy ways, now, baby
You know my love will never stop, now, baby
Just put your lovin' in my box, baby


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