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Welcome to GOLQ 319.

For this, my second outing, I have strained my brain to come up with a
couple of themes. The major theme consists of 16 songs. The second theme
consists of 8 songs. The theme elements in the songs may not be immediately
obvious, but are arguably under the same umbrella. The two themes may help
out on the more difficult songs. There are also three "orphans" mixed in
for various reasons.

Have fun everyone!

- Mike Weaver


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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #319
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
            Due 5:00 p.m. EDT (GMT-4), Saturday, August 31, 2013

But my yearning heart
Keeps saying you're not mine
My troubled mind knows soon
To another you'll be wed
And that's why I'm lonely all the time

Now you may think I'm nutty
And telling you lies
But I'm going out now
To buy my school supplies
This semester's gonna be a gas

Now's your time burn your mind
You're falling far too far behind
Oh, no, oh, no, oh no
You're gonna burn

Well, man, kids don't make the movies
And they don't write the books
And they don't go out
And paint gay pictures
Of gangsters and crooks
They don't make the liquor
And they don't run the bars
And they don't make the laws
And they don't buy the cars

Crazy little mama come knocking, knocking

It takes a real good woman to know how to love a good man
It takes some hugging and kissing but most of all some understanding
And I, I got all of the hugging and kissing and understanding I want

Dr. Shmorba please, Who is going to perform this operation?
That mule, Old Rivers and me

Late one night in old Joe's friendly barroom
Two men were standing drinking all alone
Thinking of the days when they were younger
Talking 'bout the women they had known
When there in the dim light of the tavern
A sweet young girl came softly to their side

Oh, yes, my darling dear 
Indeed, indeed, I do 
Because I love, love 
I love you, oh, so true 
I've got those

So quick as a wink, I took a drink
Swigged the glassfull down
Well first it seemed to hit me
Then it turned around and bit me
And everything went spinning all around

And sad to relate that old Seth Davy died in nineteen hundred and four
The three wooden dolls in the dustbin were laid
His songs will be heard nevermore
Come day, go day

People won't believe me
They'll think that I'm just braggin'
But I could feel the way I do and still be on the wagon

You shake my nerves
And you rattle my brain
Too much love
Drives a man insane

I see you each morning
But you just walk past me
You don't even know that I exist

Whenever he calls my name
Soft, slow, sweet and plain
I feel, (yeah, yeah) I feel that burning flame
Has high blood pressure got a hold on me
Or is this the way love's supposed to be

Like a fish loves the sea, like a birdy loves the tree,
I just gotta have you for me.
Mmmm,. You set my heart a-spinning like a whirly, twirly top
Well it's only the beginning and I pray that it never will stop

Let me tell the story
I can tell it all
About the mountain boy who ran illegal alcohol
His daddy made the whiskey
Son, he drove the load
When his engine roared

Well, a hound dog ran a polecat into town
Brought him to the dance and laid him down
Someone hollered "skunk" and you can bet
All them country cats is runnin' yet

There were no vows, no vows today
Her lover, love is far away
The chapel bells will never sing
Of her love or the wedding ring, wedding ring
Vows so tender never never said

Baby, baby
Come on, sway me
Drive me crazy

Ohhhh honey you know that I'm gonna be true to you
I'll keep you in bananas and bring you cocoanuts too
And we'll settle down
In the nearest county zoo

While we're lying there we try to watch the television
Then you call us up and say you've had a slight collision
There goes the car
Beside that you've been arrested
So we've gotta get up and we've gotta get dressed

She loved me so long and she loved me so hard
I finally passed out in her front yard
It wasn't wine that I had too much of

She said, I was married to a man 40 years older than I was
Said, for a long time I was true and faithful to that one man
She said, last year he died and willed me a whole lotta money
And I know that that young man sittin' in my car just wants me for my money
She said, but if that's what it takes to keep the young, fine thing, OOH HO
He can get every single dime
Because it ain't nothin' an old man can do for me
But show me which way a young man went

Mama climbs the stairs, her days work is done
Everybody's leaving one by one
The lights are low, the noise is through
At last I'm left alone with you
Between kisses we can plan a home
One like this one that we can call our own


When I go out
And I want a treat
I find me a band
With a solid beat
Take my chick and we dance about
Well they start rockin'
'fore we start to shout

I don't want no soda, no bubble gum
You got what I want, just serve me some
Since my baby's been gone everything is lost
I'm on this kick and I can't get off


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