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Welcome to the June edition of the quiz - no themes this time.

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #329
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
             Due 5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) on Monday, June 30, 2014.

It's wrong to hide
Teardrops inside
When you're blue (so blue)
Oh, when you're in love (you're in love)

I know I should laugh
And call it a day
But I know I would cry
If you went away

I left my teardrops in that old lonely room
Left my broken heart back there too

Where the birds sing of love
Seems a gift from up above
I met her one day (met her one day)

Will you dream of the moments I shared with you?
Moments before we two drifted apart
I cried a tear
For nobody but you
I'll be a lonely one
If you should say we're through

On a blanket with my baby
Is where I'll be

You're gonna be knowin'
The loneliest kind of lonely
It may be rough goin'
Just to do your thing's the hardest thing to do

Well, I know she love me so
Well, I know because my baby tell me so-o-o

Everybody young and old
Learns how to rock and roll
Listen, here's somethin' new
Everybody sure can do

I said, I ain't got time to discuss the weather
Or how long it's gonna last
And I ain't got time to do no studying
Once I get out of class

We go here, we go there
We can go together most everywhere
Well, every time I hold your hand
It never ever works out the way that I planned

Swell joints, everything classy
Nothing that's passe, only the best
Lush girls ogling and eying
Crying and sighing, this is success
What a great life it must seem

Within my heart
I pray your answer's yes
I'll make your life
Full of happiness

Me fine little girl, she waits for me
Me catch a ship for cross the sea

A lot of people like to go on trips
Others stay at home and read the comic strips
But all I want to do is kiss your lips

And even if time is passin' me by a lot
I couldn't care less about the dues you say I got

I'll be your slave for the rest of, of my days
Love you more in so, so many ways
Just to be with you
Thrills me through and through

Must I have sleepless nights and endless days?
Oh love, you took my heart and ran away

I love your touch (thank you so much)
I love your eyes (mmm, that's very nice)
I love your chin (say it again)

A very old friend came by today
'Cause he was telling everyone in town
Of the love that he just found

I'll be warm or cold
Do just what I'm told
I'll do anything for you

Then I made the usual stop
Coffee at the coffee shop
Friendly face nowhere in sight

When my way was dark and troubles were near
Your love provided the light so I could see, girl
Just knowing your love was near when times were bad
Kept the world from closing in on me, girl

I was born in Little Rock
Had a childhood sweetheart
We were always hand-in-hand


It's not the things you do that really hurt me bad
But it's the way you do the things you do to me

When I was a young man
I ran away from home
I went to join the circus


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