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Welcome to the October edition of the quiz - no themes this time.

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #333
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1956 through 1969
             Due 5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) on Friday, October 31, 2014.

Why can't our love go on forever?
To let it end would surely be a sin
I could never look for any other love, dear

If I had forever
With nothing else to do
I don't know if I could show
Half my love for you

If you resist
Look what you miss
Baby, if it's late at night (nighty-night)
Or if the sun is shinin' bright (brighty-bright)

I still hear your sea winds blowin'
I still see her dark eyes glowin'
She was twenty-one

Sweeping cobwebs from the edges of my mind
Had to get away to see what we could find

Before we say we're in love
Are we right for each other?
Can what we feel be lasting love?

It'll take time, I know it
But in a while
You're gonna be mine, I know it
We'll do it in style

She smiles so nice like she wants to come with me, uh-huh
But she's tied to the dock and she can't get free

They know the hurt and pain
Of losing a love you can never regain

If she finds that I've been 'round to see you
Tell her that I'm well and feeling fine

Sometimes she'd shop
And she would show me what she'd bought

How long can I go on amusing myself?
Night after night, sitting all alone
While you're in the arms of someone else

Just tuned my car, now she really peels
A-lookin' real tough with chrome reverse wheels
A Blue Coral wax job sure looks pretty

And he plays at stocks and shares
And he goes to the regatta
He adores the girl next door
'Cause he's dying to get at her

Why did I listen to my friends
When they told me what to do?
Yes, I still have my friends
But I don't have you

There I found an angel
An angel I could love
She told me that she knew me
That I'd been spoken of

If I gathered all my means (all my means)
In a pile beside me (in a pile)
It couldn't help to fill my dreams (fill my dreams)

My mother once told me something
And every word is true
Don't waste your time on a fella
Who doesn't love you

Except to pray
That there'll come a day
When love will start
A flame in your heart

I play the game
Pretending out loud
But it don't seem the same

Let's make a vow
To never, ever part

For here in my arms is your place
When the night grows cold
And I want to hold you

I'm gonna buy her pretty presents
Just like the ones in a catalog
Gonna show how much I love her
Let her know one way or the other

Made my heart an open book
Why haven't I told you?

Every time I feel a little groove coming on, I just have to move
I got a tune I play
I got a song I sing
I got a dance I do, yeah-yeah
You can do it, too


It's the big house on the corner
The rich and the poor go there
You get a chance to mix with everybody
Nobody seems to care

Well now, listen here people
'Bout to sing a song
I'm goin' to St. Louis
And I won't be long


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