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Welcome to GOLQ334! All songs in the quiz, including the two tie breakers,
share a common characteristic that should aid in solving the several
"stumpers." Additionally, a second characteristic, unrelated to the first,
should further assist. Enjoy!

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #334
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1956 through 1969
            Due 5:00 p.m. EST (GMT-5), Sunday, November 30, 2014

Somewhere in this world
There's a guy making love to my girl
Wonder does he know she was mine
Not so long ago

I feel so fine
Now that you're mine
Got a tingle
Up and down my spine

Sun-tanned, wind-blown
Honeymooners at last alone
Feeling far above par
Oh, how lucky we are

The clothes you're wearing are the clothes you wore
The smile you are smiling you were smiling then

Now I wonder
What's keeping us apart
Don't blunder
And give away your heart
Until you whisper, "I love you"
And then I'll know

It started long ago in the Garden of Eden
When Adam said to Eve, "Baby, you're for me"

Where did your night dreams take you
Sorry, but I had to wake you
Oh, I just had to make you shed your precious morning light on me

(Three) Take happiness with the heartaches
(Take happiness with the heartaches)
(Four) And go through life wearing a smile
(And go through life wearing a smile)

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
Shake it up, baby, now
(Shake it up, baby)

Well, we started to dance
In my arms she felt so inviting
And I just couldn't resist,
Just-a one little kiss, so exciting

Ain't no sense in you beggin' and pleadin'
Talkin' 'bout how I'm the one that you are needin'
Said I done had my fill of you

I heard she's found a guy that treats her better
I hope he knows that he's a lucky guy
I know the rumor's true because I saw her today

While I'm far away from you, my baby
I know it's hard for you, my baby
Because it's hard for me, my baby

Well, she don't cook mashed potatoes
She don't cook T-bone steak

You're country (that's alright)
You're straight from the Georgia woods (that's good)
You know what? You wear overalls
Big old brogan shoes, and you need a haircut

They're only passing things
But the touch of your lips on mine
Makes me feel like a king

You're way on top now
Since you left me
You're always laughing
Way down at me

If we just wait a while
No tears for us
Think love and wear a smile

You're my love, you're my angel (rat-a-tat)
You're the girl of my dreams
I'd like to thank you (rat-a-tat)
For waiting patiently

Maybe when we're older then we can date
Oooh, let's wait

You to me
Are sweet as roses in the morning
You to me
Are soft as summer rain at dawn

We could find, we could find
It's groovy just across the line

Shoot 'im 'fore he run now

Now, people if you want to have a ball
Just listen close to me
There's a crazy party going on
Down by that sandy sea

Ain't gonna need to tell the truth
Tell no lies
Everything you think, do and say
Is in the pill you took today


If I get there before the snow flies
And if things are going good
You could meet me if I send you down the fare
But by then it would be winter
There ain't too much for you to do
And those winds sure can blow cold way out there

Now I will never love another
I want only you
I want to say in every way
That you're my dream come true


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