Hello everyone and welcome to the April edition of the GOLQ quiz.

As is typical, many of the songs are pretty recognizable and some are 
stumpers.  To help with more difficult songs you should know that all
of the artists (or at least one group member) share a particular career facet.  
The tie-breakers are included in this.  Some of the songs may be particularly
obscure so they have been included as audio snippets; you may be able
to recognize the voices.

Some of you may identify a secondary theme with respect to the genre of
some of the songs.  It was not intended, but probably comes about as a 
consequence of the aforementioned career facet.

Confused? You won't be after you solve this months GOLQ!

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #351
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1968
             Due 5:00 p.m. EDT (GMT-4), Saturday, April 30, 2016

I'd shout and yell and holler like them 
I wore moccasins on my feet
And I'd make believe I was under a teepee
Every time I went to sleep

There's just one thing that they
Do not seem to understand
Why can't they get it through their heads
I need a helping hand

He had a one room shack
Not fer from us
And well, we was about
As poor as him

No noise like that
Let me straighten you 
The drive-in movie 
You and me on the back seat of my motorcycle

I need you so
That I could die
I love you so
And that is why


You'll find by and by 
Deep within my heart 
You're the only one
That I adore

She's not much on glamor 
And she should improve her grammar 
Still I sigh and stammer 
And my heart beats like a little ol' hammer


Take your little heart
Tear it all apart
Make the teardrops fall
From your eyes
And you'll know how I feel

He just told me so last night
Now each star I see
Belongs to me 
And they're all shining 
Twice as bright

See my feeling is that while I love a good snare drum 
I feel that volume-wise
It's just a little bit too much what you're doing there
See? See, see what I mean 
Now you try and hold it down will ya
I 'preciate it.


Yeah, I think, friends 
By this time, that it's pretty clear 
With her feeling romantic
And automatic record changers and everything
That she ain't got that boy in there 
To eat no cake and ice cream 

For every grain of sand upon the beach
I've got a kiss for you
And I've got more left over
For each star
That twinkles in the blue

Give me a break 
Save a girl a heartache 
Let me learn to hate you 
Let me tear your letters
Before I ever read 'em 
And when the phone is ringing
Let me walk away and laugh


Now and for always
Darling, in all ways
Now and my whole life through
Place no one above me
Live just to love me

I was that soldier

Well, I've just been thinkin' things over 
How I have loved you for years 
My life just don't seem worth livin' 
Since you have left me in tears

Look up 
Is that the moon we see 
Can't be 
Looks like the sun to me

When I take 
My baby home at night
I can't wait
To kiss and hold her tight 
But by then
The time begins to drag 
When she starts searching through her bag
She says just a moment please

We kissed on the shore
And you said you'd be mine forever more 
Then we strolled hand in hand 
And we dreamed and we planned 

(Six) Your freckled nose 
(Seven) The way you say you care 
(Eight) Your crazy clothes

My friends all know it
How I adore him
I've whispered to angels 
What I'd do for him 
He is the answer





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