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Happy New Year, and welcome to the January edition of the quiz.
There are no intended themes this time.

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #360
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
             Due 5:00 PM EST (GMT-5) on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

Should've seen her eyes when the band began to play
And the famous singers sang and bowed away
When the star performed she screamed and yelled "hooray"

Every time we kiss, I get that feelin'
Every time we simply meet
When I see her smile, I get that feelin'
'Cause my baby looks so sweet

But I tell you, he really knocked me dead
So I don't quite remember exactly what he said
I just stood there and I shook my head

Sweeter than wine
Softer than the summer night
Everything I want, I have
Whenever I hold you tight

Oh love, oh love, oh love (oh love)
Why you wanna go away and leave me here to cry?
When you knew that I would miss you
But oh baby, if you please, please come back to me
I apologize if I ever made you cry

He's light and fragile, and feathered sky blue
So thin and graceful, the sun shines through

All the thrills I had missed
Shone bright in your eyes
Then softly we kissed
What a sweet surprise

Oh, squeeze her real gentle
Gotta make her feel good
Tell her that you love her
Like you know you should

I found I couldn't sleep at night
And when I found her gone from sight
Found out I loved her

Well, I'm too old for girls and I'm too young for women
I've looked all around, and my hopes are a-dimmin'
I feel like a fish not allowed any swimmin'

I thought I'd grow up gracefully
I'd understand my woman thoroughly
But the more I see (but the more I see)
The more I see there is to see, there is to see

One night with you is like heaven
And so, while I'm walkin' the floor
I listen for steps in the hallway
And wait for your knock on my door

Reasoned verse, some prose or rhyme
Lose themselves in other times
And waiting hopes cast silent spells
That speak in clouded clues
It cannot be a part of me
For now it's part of you

Now that you set me free
There's no regret for me
There's someone new
In place of you

My only desire
Is loving you eternally
For no, no other love
Could ever mean so much to me

Baby, baby, when you do the fly
Your arms are wasted waving in the sky
Come on and hold me like a lover should

A heart is just a heart
Nothing more, nothing less, just a heart
Until the day that love comes to stay forever

Every night, I'll pound the pillow
Feeling weepy as a willow
When my room is cold and still, oh
How I yearn for your return

Make up some words that are all in rhyme
Words that will live 'til the end of time

Every time your lips meet mine, now, baby
Baby, baby, you bring much joy within
Don't let this feeling end
Let it go on and on and on, now, baby

Last night and night before
Twenty-four robbers at my door
I got up and let 'em in
Hit 'em in the head with a rolling pin

There are times in this life of mine
I think that the sun forgot how to shine
But as long as you're always there
It don't bother me, 'cause why should I care

He walks by my side and I dance on air
I find he's a kind of a special guy (my heart can't be wrong)
I kiss him and I know why (my life is a song)
He's so marvelous, no one can compare

Looked at them start to block this house
Somebody hollered, hey boy I heard you rock!
Police is standin' at the door
People see 'em dancin' all over the floor

Ah, when we said goodbye, love
Was it just a game, yeah?
When I gave you my love
Was it all in vain?


I loved you in the morning
Our kisses deep and warm
Your hair upon the pillow
Like a sleepy golden storm

We might as well be apart
It hardly matters, we sleep separately
And drop a smile passin' in the hall
But there's no laughs left, 'cause we laughed 'em all


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