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Welcome to GOLQ361!  This quiz has a few mini-themes, which have something in
common with each other.  The tie-breakers are also part of these mini-themes.
The mini-themes are connected with the artists.  When the artist is a group,
sometimes only one member of the group fits the mini-theme.  The largest
mini-theme contains slightly more than 10 songs.  Another mini-theme contains
more than five but fewer than 10 songs.  Three other mini-themes contain two to
five songs each.  Finally, there is one song that is in a mini-theme by itself
and has a connection to an entertainer who died recently (but is not the artist
or any of the other personnel, such as producer or songwriter, of the recording
or the song).  More than one of the artists are "two-fers"--they fit two of the

I got feedback that one of the songs seemed to be out of order, but the order
is correct based on how the artist is listed on the 45.  I also got feedback
for one of the tie-breakers saying that it seemed to be a post-1969 song.
However, it was originally released within the GOLQ era.

Regina Litman <>


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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #361
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
             Due 5:00 p.m. EST (GMT-4), Tuesday, February 28, 2017

After six hours of school I had enough for the day
I hit the radio dial and turn it up all the way

I used to think of no one else but you were just the same
You didn't even think of me as someone with a name
Did you mean to break my heart and watch me die
Tell me why

Engineer would see him sittin' in the shade
Strummin' with the rhythm that the drivers made

Washington, DC
Or Richmond, Virginia, too

You said no strings could secure you at the station
Platform ticket, restless diesels, goodbye windows
I walked into such a sad time at the station
As I walked out felt my own need just beginning

Kids in the park
Don't take long before I'm laughin' along with them
Almost makes me think those times can come again
Gets me feelin' good and yet bad at the same time

Oh, well, there's Flo on my left arm
And there's Mary on my right

Everybody must get stoned

And I just love you
Love you darlin'
Like a baby boy loves his toy

You let me come in
When your "mamer" ain't there

Oh I gotta know dear
Because I can't waste my time
Just a-waitin' on your line
When I can find another guy

I've done called up a gypsy woman on the telephone
I'm gonna send out a worldwide hoo-doo
That'll be the very thing that'll suit you

Some are flyin'
And some are drivin'
From Liverpool to Tennessee

Now why ain't ya playin' outside
I'm askin' you
You can't fool me
'Cause I'm gonna know if you hide
And try to peek

When you're rockin' and a-rollin'
Can't hear your mama call

So you met someone
And now you know how it feels

You take a walk by the sea (walk by the sea)
Two hearts on a tree (two hearts on a tree)
And you've got a little kindness
Yeah Yeah

Monday, it's a-huggin' and a-kissin'
Tuesday, somethin' I've been missin'

Do you remember when
We used to sing
Sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la dee-da
Just like that
Sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la dee-da

Adrift in a world of my own
I play the game
But to my real shame
You've left me to dream all alone

Sittin' on the back porch
All by myself
Along came Mary Jane
And I'm with somebody else

I make you laugh when you're blue
That way I can be close to you
From the start
I play the part

Hey Mister can you tell me
Where a man might find a bed
He just grinned and shook my hand
"No" was all he said

I'll satisfy your every need (your every need)
And now I know you will satisfy me

How can Mary tell me what to do
When she lost her love so true
And Flo she don't know
'Cause the boy she loves is a Romeo


Now when my baby's dancin'
She's as tall as a clown
If she ever fell
She'd have to fall out of town

Ten silver saxes
A bass with a bow
The drummer relaxes
And waits between shows


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