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Welcome to the September edition of the quiz.  The GOLQ series celebrates its
27th anniversary this month!  There are no intended themes this time.

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #368
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
             Due 5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) on Saturday, September 30, 2017.

I was eight years old when I fell in love
It seems like yesterday
Down the old mill road in a pretty house lived
Some folks not far from me

She's been a little wallflower on the shelf
Standing by herself
Now she got the nerve to take the chance

Flowers have blooms
The ocean has waves
The sky has clouds
People have babes

I didn't mean to start it
Ooh, I wish it was all just a dream

Like a bird on the wing
When he knows it's early spring

Spent a lifetime looking for somebody
To give me love like you
Now you told me that you wanna leave me
Darling, I just can't let you

First, I'd put heaven by your side
Pretty flowers would grow wherever you walked, honey
And over your head would be the bluest sky

Don't bother cryin'
Don't bother crawlin'
It's all over now
No use in stallin'

I give my heart to you
And as the years go by
It will be true
I'll always hold you near
Sure as the stars above

You got to put on the step-up hydraulic double dynamo reversible booster
You got to activate the decompression activator
And you got to put on the anti-magnetic degaussing system

You don't drive a big fine car
You don't look like a movie star
And on your money we won't get far

Please let me have a chance with you
For I like to do the monkey too
And let's get together

And now it's over, I'm awake at last
Old heartaches and memories from the past
It was just another dream about my lost love

Not even when you're glancing by
For I won't weaken
When we're speaking

Just got a job on the railroad
The work is hard and long
But I'm gonna build us a future
And show your daddy he's wrong

Each night seems like the Fourth of July
When stars spangle the sky
Dreams can come true
If you believe they do

You were with a guy named Joe
Then all at once you said you had to go
I never even caught your name

He'll never love you
The way that I love you
'Cause if he did, no no
He wouldn't make you cry

All you fellas, gather 'round me
And let me give you some good advice
What I'm gonna, gonna ask you now
You better think about it twice

Don't want your jewelry
Or money too
And nothin' else, nothin' else you said you would do

Have you searched through all your dreams?
Did you ever find a trace of me?
Even though you say we're through
That I'm not the one for you

I want a man with lots of charm
I want a man, no false alarm
The kind of guy who'll kiss my tears when I cry

And listen, girls, when you give your heart away
You can easily be hurt
And the least little wrong he does
Always seems like dirt

Just see me now
Makes it worth the time I've waited
She was all I need to make me see, oh yeah
I keep hopin' with all my might
Everything's gonna turn out right

You said your love was true
And we'd never, never ever part
Now you want someone new
And it breaks my heart


That's when I think of you
You say, but yet I wonder
If your love was ever true

My home's across the river
My home's across the water
Oh-oh, oh-oh, Hannah


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