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Welcome to GOLQ 370, which has no particular theme.  Enjoy!

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #370
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
          Due 5:00 p.m. EST (GMT-5) on Thursday, November 30, 2017

I'll buy you a diamond ring, my friend
If it makes you feel all right

I keep straining my ears to hear a sound
Maybe someone is digging underground

With music and words I've been playing
For you I have written a song
To be sure that you'll know what I am saying
I'll translate as I go along

You'd better be smart
You've gotta make up your mind
Stop breaking my heart
And leave the others behind

I couldn't sleep a wink for tryin'
I saw the rising of the sun
And all night long my heart was cryin'

Well, I been a-doing my homework all week long
And now the house is empty and my folks are gone

Why I want you
Heaven knows
Who will love you
With a love true

She's my sugartime baby
I'm her lollipop

Everybody knows
That Baby's got new clothes
But lately I see her ribbons and her bows
Have fallen from her curls

I've been made blue
I've been lied to

Yeah, today is gonna, gonna be the day
I want you all to understand
Now I am a man

When idle gossip pulls your arm
And the clouds of doubt begin to form

And when our year has ended
And I have gone away
You'll often speak about me

Climbed up on a ladder
To get a better view
And bless my soul to my surprise
My darling, it was you

Meet the gang at Joe's Café
If she's willing
We'll go steady right away

A wailin' song and a good guitar
The only things that I understand, poor boy
The only things that I understand

Thought I was in love before
And then you moved in next door

And when we've had a few more days (when we've had a few more days)
I wonder if I'll get to say (wonder if I'll get to say)

I love your face (it's in the right place)
I love your mind (that's very kind)

Now, Samson told Delilah
Loud and clear
Keep your cotton-pickin' fingers out my curly hair
Oh, yeah

To really live, you must almost die
And it happened just that way with me

Win a little
Lose a little
And maybe sing the blues a little

Your kisses taste like it's goodbye
My eyes know they're gonna cry

Please write me one line
Tell me your love is still only mine

I'm writing this letter
To someone unknown
So if you should find it
And if you're alone


He resembles George Harrison of the Beatles
But he wears his hair tied in a small bow at the back

Now my mother and my father
They might hear if I stay here too long
One kiss and we'll part
Then you better be going
Although I hate to see you go


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