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Welcome to GOLQ 374, which has, in my opinion, an easily recognizable theme
that pertains to every song and should assist in identifying the stumpers in
the guiz--and I do believe there are a few real stumpers, hopefully offset by
tie breakers that are easier than usual.  While researching and preparing the
quiz, I discovered that a similar theme to mine was previously used as a mini-
theme, which may further assist everyone.  Enjoy!  Tom

Tom Pillion <>


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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #374
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
          Due 5:00 p.m. EDT (GMT-4) on Saturday, March 31, 2018

You are my candy girl
And you got me wanting you
She's got a loving heart
So pure
One of these days I'll make her mine
I'm sure

Come out tonight
Bring me your glow
Of angel light

Ice cream loaded with bananas
And there's always pizza pie
The trees grow tall where I come from
The leaves are green and fine
If I owned the world
With its mountains high
The sun, the moon
And the stars in the sky

When he does his shaky rocking dance
Man, I haven't got a chance
Well, they've got a new dance and it goes like this

Sugar for my honey
Your tasty kiss
Thrills me so
If loving you was water 
My well would never run dry
If loving you was happiness
My eyes would never, never cry
I'm happy as can be
She vows eternally
To hold me (hold me)
And love me (love me)
Until the end of time (she's mine)
Mine (mine)
And I have the lips of a fool
I kissed you
I'll be with my sugar pie, Mother
We'll be coming home, you know, Mother
Watch the mountain turn to dust and blow away
Oh, no, you know there's got to be a better way
Who not ready, holler, "I"
That's a game we used to play, yeah
Hide and seek was its name
So, carry her books
That's how it starts
Fourteen or forty
They're kids in their hearts
Every night I go through
Why can't I forget my past
And live my life anew
I got a sweet, sweet tooth for you
I finally got my baby 'bout a half past three
She said, "I'd like to know what you want with me."
You got the soul
You got the soul, Baby
You got control
Control of soul baby
A bee begins a-buzzin'
Makin' honey out of dew
And roses by the dozen
Bloom where flowers never grew
So I got me a girl and I kissed her and then, and then
Oh, Lordy, well I kissed her again

Like Little Jack Horner
Sat, sat, sat in the corner
Made for a stroll in the lane
Baby, you and me
And the honey bee
Although I hurt you, Baby,
You never once complained
It makes me feel, sweet Darlin'
That much more ashamed

Creme tangerine and montelimar
A ginger sling with a pineapple heart

Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air


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