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Welcome to the June edition of the quiz.
There are no intended themes this time.

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #377
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
             Due 5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) on Saturday, June 30, 2018.

With the king-size arms
With the king-size charms

When I get off of this mountain
You know where I wanna go
Straight down the Mississippi River
To the Gulf of Mexico

Thought I'd visit the club
Got as far as the door
They'd have asked me about you

Walking down the street
In a crowd
Looking at my baby
Feeling so proud

Hey, pretty baby
Don't you hear the drummer thumpin'?
You gotta shake it like a crazy
'Cause the band is sayin' somethin'

Oh, when I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord your love I'll keep
If I should die before I wake
I'll come back for you, that's no mistake

He would never be wrong
Go on and sing your song

Just like a camel with a heavy pack
One last straw was added
I said it broke the camel's back

Take a ride
Let us see now what goes on inside
Let's reveal what others try to hide

He taught me how to watch
Fight and pray, fight and pray
And live rejoicing every day, every day

Did he say that his love was true?
Did he say that his love was mine?
Did he say he was coming home?
Did he say where he had been?

Never liked nobody
That's been mean to me
I've got a heart full of stone
And I hate the misery

Until the rivers all run dry
In other words, until I die

So gently swaying through the fairyland of love
If you'll just come with me, you'll see the beauty of ...

Why can't you see
What you're doin' to me
When you don't believe a word I'm sayin'

The world of bright lights
Of fortune and fame
Where everybody struggles
Trying to make themselves a name

Why must we be apart?
Let's put our hearts together

And as funny as it may seem
Some people get their kicks
Stompin' on a dream

No longer can I walk these paths
For they have changed
I must be on, the sun is gone
And I think it's gonna rain

I can turn back the hands of time, you better believe I can
I can make the seasons change just by wavin' my hand
Oh, I can change anything from old to new
The thing I want to do the most, I'm unable to do

You make everything groovy

If I were king, dilly-dilly
I'd need a queen

Time passed and I got a little older
Takin' on trouble just a little bit harder
And a little bit bolder
You know, I was thinkin' colder

I was feelin' so bad
I asked my family doctor just what I had

I thought the words of love we used to say were lost to time
Oh, baby, baby, baby, I'll be good to you
If you would only try again to love me too
Our love was such a sweet and gentle thing


Laughing in its distant flight
All that's between us is a little yellow string
But we like each other more than anything

I used to be spellbound in your arms
With all of your conniving, you lost your charm
You built the flame that warmed my heart
But your lying and cheating has torn us apart


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