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Welcome to the September edition of the quiz.

There is one major theme connecting 10 songs, and another minor theme
involving 3 songs.  Enjoy!

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #392
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1956 through 1969
             Due 5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) on Monday, September 30, 2019.

Oh, weep, sweetie, weep
You're only robbing
Yourself of sleep (yourself of sleep)
No harm in sobbing

Think of what you're saying
You can get it wrong 
And still you think that it's all right

I've got to see my woman right now
And we ain't gettin' any younger
I've got to get to her love somehow

I want you to know
I'm telling you, darling
I'll never let you go

Wash up the windows and the blinds
Aw heck, the rain, a waste of time
And now the kids are home from school
They're trackin' mud from room to room

He said "Well, sure, come on in, buddy
And dig these fabrics we got laid out on the shelf"
He said "Pick yourself out one, try it on
Stand in the mirror and dig yourself"

Rock me baby, once
Rock me baby, twice
Rock me baby, rock me
'Til you melt away the ice

Here come Wednesday
I'm beat to my socks
My gal call, got to tell her that I'm out

Lord, I'm so tired
How long can this go on?

See me down and out
But I ain't about to go livin' my life without you
For every day I made you cry
I'm payin', girl, 'til the day that I die

She wanted truth but all she got was lies
Came the time to realize
And it was too late

Before when things go wrong
As they sometimes will
When the road you travel
Well, seems all uphill

Smilin' faces all around
Rushin' through the busy town

Though we gotta say goodbye for the summer
Darling, I promise you this

And you know-ow-ow
Yes, you know
You're the girl in my heart

I go around mopin' and I go around blue
I made you cry for I had been untrue

I'm sorry to say
That my love has faded, faded away (away)
It happened while you were gone
You stayed away too long
You didn't write or even call
I thought you didn't care at all

Hey now, you better listen to me, every one of you
We got a lotta lotta lotta lotta work to do
Forget about your women and that water can

The things that we two could plan
Would make my dreams come true

And then there was a time my wife said
"You just gotta slow down, man"
I said "Honey, I gotta make it while I can"

Said, to my shock
"You're on the wrong block"

Come on, baby, yes this is it
This is something I just can't miss

You're startin' to get next to me
  Honey, that was my plan from the very beginning
  Uh huh?
I never thought that this could be

Girl, you've been so good to me
Stayin' by my side through the bad times
All my dreams never came true somehow
But things are gonna be different now

I got a little son, his name is Monday
He never give me no problems, 'til on Sunday
He came to me one day, he said "Daddy, I got a little girl"
I said "Well, son, how do you know that she digs you?"


Well, beneath the ocean's private
And the kingdom is the sea

You gave me love
But somehow love disappeared
Now all I have
Are precious souvenirs
The taste of my tears


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