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Welcome to the February edition of the quiz.

No special themes this time.  Enjoy!

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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #397
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1956 through 1969
             Due 5:00 PM EST (GMT-5) on Saturday, February 29, 2020.

Show me I'm wrong
Hurt me sometime
But someday I'll treat you real fine

Down the way
Where the nights are gay
And the sun shines daily on the mountain top

Now you're on my wavelength
And I'm readin' you just fine
Don't cut outta here
'Til we get on cloud nine

You'll look at me
And you will know our love was
Meant to be

In the hall, they got a rockin' band
Come on, baby, let me take your hand

Talkin' 'bout a girl that looks quite like you
She didn't have the time to wait in the queue
She cried away her life since she fell off the cradle

It happened the other night
We argued but we, we didn't fight
He grabbed his hat and slammed the door
And he hasn't been back no more

Oh, hold me close, my true love
Kiss me tenderly
There is only one love
One love for me

There's just something about you I simply adore
This is what keeps us together and makes my love for you grow
Oh, I found more joy in you, my darling
Than I could ever find in any other girl

I've been away on a business trip
Travelin' all around
I got a gal and her name is Sue
Prettiest gal in town

May good fortune find your doorway
May the bluebirds sing your song
May no trouble travel your way
May no worry stay too long

I hear tell you're doin' well
Good things have come to you
I wish I had your happiness

Take off your shoes and pat your feet
We're doin' a dance that can't be beat

And I can guess
How they still got married and had twins
They came in tins

I said, my baby loves me so
He really lets me know

It's your chance to wake up and plan
Another brand new day
Either way

Do I need your arms around me?
Do I live my life for you?
Do I always feel so warm each time
I look in your eyes of blue?

From Mexico to the Philippines
Well, I've drunk with peasants and I've dined with kings
But I ain't never found a single clue

Just a little boy standing in the rain
The gentle rain that falls for years
And the grass is gone
The boy disappears

Did I do wrong by coming home?
Have you found somebody new?
I've called you twice
No answer at all by telephone

Now, I've got a love so deep in the pit of my heart
And each day it grows more and more
I'm not ashamed to come and plead to you, baby
If pleadin' keeps you from walkin' out that door

Daddy's home after running away
From the mother, mother-in-law
He lift a hundred pounds of clay
And what'd I say?
That's it - I quit - I'm movin' on

Now listen, without the man, I don't wanna live
You think I'm lyin', but I'm tellin' you like it is
He's got my nose open, and that's no lie
And I, I'm gonna keep him satisfied

You got me yearnin', burnin' with desire
You set my heart and soul on fire
You drive me wild, you make me shout
Have mercy, Mr. Percy, now cut that out!

Won't you tell me how could you ignore
That behind that little smile I wore
How I wish that you were mine


Well, this dance started down south, you know
Yeah yeah, with a swingin' cat on the sax named Kokomo Joe

You'll never get a second chance
Plan all your moves in advance


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