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Welcome to GOLQ408!  There is one major theme, represented by 20 songs,
including the tie-breakers.  The subject of this theme is a group of people in
American history who have something in common, although one of them is not
scheduled to attain this distinction until January 2021.  Be on the lookout for
homonyms (sounds the same but spelled differently) for some of these names.
There are three minor themes, 3 or 4 songs each, all of which are tributes.
None are intended to be tributes to GOLQ era artists who were recently deceased
as of when I put this quiz together in December 2020.  One is a tribute to some
GOLQ era artists who died some time ago.  Another is a tribute to a non-musical
entertainment figure who died recently.  The third is a tribute to an American
author who died in 2020.  The songs for the last one are all fairly well-known
and can likely be recognized without the theme.  There are some "two-fers" that
qualify under multiple themes and even some "two-fers" in the same song in the
major theme.  After I put this quiz together, I realized that there are a few
songs in groups of two or three that also have something in common with each
other, regardless of the themes.

#T2 is a song that originated before the GOLQ era but has been recorded by many
artists before, during, and probably after the 1955-1969 time frame.  #T1 was
chosen carefully to allow almost any artist who recorded #T2 that I could find
in various searches to fit alphabetically.  Also, as you can see, I chose
lyrics from two different segments of the song to increase the chances of
recognition, plus I have put in both male and female pronouns that depend on
who sang a particular recording.



Blindly searching for lyrics on the Internet is not in the spirit
of the GOLQs, and we disapprove of this practice.

Entries are due by 5:00 PM EST (GMT-5) on Sunday, January 31, 2021.
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                        Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #408
                Recordings #01-25 were from 1956 through 1969
             Due 5:00 PM EST (GMT-5) on Sunday, January 31, 2021.

Pretty girl
Beware of his heart of gold
This heart is cold

Ford ev'ry stream
Follow ev'ry rainbow
Till you find your dream

You're out on the streets
Lookin' good
And baby deep down in your heart
I guess you know that it ain't right

Oh the towering feeling
Just to know somehow you are near
The overpowering feeling
That any second you may suddenly appear

In the first row
Of the movie
Eating popcorn
Smellin' of perfume
Lookin' at him
Makin' out up there

I'll be so alone with-ou-out you
Maybe you'll be lonesome too
And blue

Then he'll kiss your lips
And caress your waiting finger tips
And your hearts will fly away

People are searching for
The kind of love that we possess
Some go on
Searching their whole life through
And never find the love I've found in you

Eyes that look like heaven, mm
Lips like cherry wine
She can sure 'nuff make my little light shine
I get funny feelin's up and down my spine

The night's the time for all your tear-ear-ears
Your heart may be broken tonight
But tomorrow in the morning light

I don't tell you what to say
I don't tell you what to do
So just let me be myself
That's all I ask of you

Tan me hide when I'm dead, Fred
Tan me hide when I'm dead

You jump in front of my car when you
You know all the time
Ninety miles an hour, girl
Is the speed I drive

Some time ago I told you that I needed you
It hurt me so
When you said our romance was through
I loved you long
You done me wrong

His days of asking are all gone
His fight goes on and on and on
But he thinks that the fight is worth it all

We sell so much of this
People wonder what we put in it
We're gonna tell you right now
Gimme a half a teacup of bass

I set up cables to Bobby and Mac
Let them know I'm comin' back
Set right down with Rocky and Nix
Teach them both

But if you want me to love you
Then-uh baby I will
Girl you know I will

Oo oo luscious
Sho' been delicious to me
Hear me now
Oo oo luscious
Sho' been delicious to me

All you do is-a give a sigh
And beat around the bush
Can it be that you're too shy
To give yourself a little old push

But you can't help it
That you're always chasing rainbows in your mind
There's so much I want to say to you
And there's so little time

This dream is for you
So pay the price
Make one dream come true

When you're feeling tired and lonely
You see people going home
You can't make the train fare
Or the six pence for the phone

In a far away land
On the tropic sea and sand
If your hand's in my hand
I won't be blue

And when you kiss me with your ruby red lips
It thrills me so
I turn a back over flip


Messrs. K. and H. assure the public
Their production will be second to none
And of course Henry the horse dances the waltz

'Cause that's the kind of [guy/gal] I'm
While other folks grow dizzy
I keep busy
Next year, next year
Something's bound to happen
This year, this year
I'll just keep on nappin'


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