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Welcome to GOLQ413!  There is one theme, which covers all of the songs,
including the tie-breakers.  One of the tie-breakers charted after the GOLQ era,
but it was originally released by the same artist on both an album and a
non-charting single during the GOLQ era.  The artist also sang it on at least
one TV show during the GOLQ era.



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                        Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #413
                Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
             Due 5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

Well she got her daddy's car
And she cruised through the hamburger stand now

He's doing the twist
Just like this
He's doing the fly
Every day and every night

And don't look so sad
Just 'cause I am leaving
I'll still be your dad

He's worth more than every star in the sky
With that look of forgiveness that's always in his eyes
He works so hard but gentle as a lamb
He gave up so much to make me just what I am

He goes to
She goes fro
He goes fast
She goes slow
He goes left
Mmm she goes right

[Spoken, quote]
There's a boy outside
His name is Eddie
He wants to know if we can go steady
Can we, Father?
Yes, Father?
Oh, can we borrow the car, Pop?

Then Dad it will be you who will have to burn my birth certificate
And although you'll stop calling me "Son"
I'll never stop calling you "Dad"

My daddy he once told me
Hey don't you love you any man
Just take what they may give you
And give but what you can

Papa writes to Johnny
But Johnny can't come home

I used
To carry her satchel
She used
To walk by my side
But when
We got to her doorstep
Her dad wouldn't let me inside

'Cause Clifton Clowers has a pretty young daughter
He's mighty handy with a gun and a knife

Gone are the days
When he would take me on his knee
And with a smile
He'd change my tears to laughter

We make a happy pair
I go for my pony rides
He rides in his rocking chair

If you are not grateful to a country that gave your father
the opportunity
To work for his family to give you the things you've had

To have and hold
A precious gem
Is what you are
You're Mommy's bright and shining star

I love you so
But I'll have to let you go
Unless you do get out and get a job
(Get out and get a job)
Woh-oh get out and get a job
(Get out and get a job)
I'm gonna wait till you pass the test

I hate to face your dad
Too bad (Too bad)
I know he's gonna be mad

Now here is a man
To me he is everything strong
No he can't do wrong

Why are children always first
To feel the pain and hurt the worst
It's cruel somehow
It just don't seem right

But I don't dare knock on her door
'Cause her daddy is my boss man
So I'll just have to be content
To see her whenever I can

No, I don't want a bite of your mud pie
Looks appetizing
But I think I'm gonna pass it by this time
I got a dime
Right here in my hand
I wanna buy some ice cream
To walk down by the stream

Stuff in our apartment
Came from Father's store
Even clothes I'm wearing
Someone wore before

We went to Daddy and said that we wanna be wed
Dad said, "Nope,
You'll just have to elope,"
And laughed as he went to bed

He says education is the thing if you want to compete
Because without it, Son, life ain't very sweet
I love this man and I don't know why
Except I'll need his strength until the day that I die

One day Jim's papa told him
Things were lookin' down
And they packed up everything they owned
And left this little old town


Papa says he'd love to be with you
If he had the time
So you turn to the only friend you can find
There in your mind

Who's the one who used to tickle your toes
And wrinkle his nose
Who taught you how a choo-choo goes


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