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Welcome to the October edition of the quiz.  Expect my typical major theme of
homage to the recently departed.

Another of Bob Bluestein's clever puzzlers is awaiting you below the quiz.


-- Howard Teitelbaum <>


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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #429
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
             Due 5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) on Monday, October 31, 2022

We're gonna have a whole lotta fun
We're gonna greet the rising sun
All night long, we're gonna ball
Until we hear your Mama call

A home for the fleas
A hive for the buzzin' bees
A nest for birds
There ain't no words

So if, by chance, you want to know
If I really love-a you so
All you have to do
Is come and ask me

Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation

When I call your name
Girl, it starts the flame
Burning in my heart
Tearing it all apart

Ah, through the night
In the midnight hour
Comin' on, come to me
Well, my baby left me
And what did I do, what did I do wrong?

We sat and talked about things on our mind
And now this man, he is a friend of mine

Darling, there comes a time in everybody's life
When they learn as I've learned
That being loved is more important
Than paintin' the town morning, noon, and night

One lump of sugar don't compare
To the sweetness of my baby's love and care

The way you dance and hold me tight
The way you kiss and say goodnight

She was afraid to come out of the locker
She was as nervous as she could be

And when she walks that walk
I can't help but feel that she's for real
And when she talks that talk
I can't quite explain just how I feel

Gonna meet all my friends
Gonna have myself a ball
Gonna tell my friends
Gonna tell them all

Though it's plain as can be
That you're finished with me
I just can't get it through my head

All those nights I watched the four walls
I did not have to watch 'em all alone
When other men said they wanted me
I didn't have to tell them I was your very own

Hello, loneliness
Goodbye, love
I'm tired of being abused and being misused
I've had my share of romance, no more for me

Every hour we're apart will be sorrow
In the chapel, a candle will burn

You're always window-shopping
But never stopping to buy
So shed those downy feathers and fly
A little bit

Comes walkin' down my street
Watch her come up to my house
Knock upon my door
And then she call out my name

When the stars are light
When the moon is bright
When you hold me tight

Then what have I got?
Why am I alive anyway?
Yeah, what have I got?
Nobody can take away ...

They read the good books
Right 'til Monday
That's how the weekend goes

How about a needed friend?
I need a friend

They warned me that someday I'd learn a lesson
And that a broken heart would be the cost
Believe me when I say that I'm confessin'
I'm glad I loved you even though I lost

With just one caress
Your tenderness
Made me a woman
Made me a woman in love


Baby, come over
Baby, don't make me wait
Summer is here now
So let's stay out late

Does your heart beat like mine?
Don't you sometimes think that you've had too much wine?
If this is so


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This puzzle contains 26 lines of clues. Each of the 26 clues is followed
by the number of letters in that clue's 1-or-more-word answer. Solve all
the clues, ignoring the asterisks, number signs, percent signs, and plus
signs in them. Whenever a clue's solution is a recording group whose name
starts with "The", exclude the word "The" from your clue answer.

Once you have solved all clues, your task is to rearrange the 26 clue lines
in alphabetical order by the first letter of their clue answers. Then,
reading from top to bottom, write down in that order each letter that
directly follows an asterisk. Those letters will spell out the "where"
portion of this puzzle's theme. Next, again reading from top to bottom,
write down in that order each letter that directly follows a number sign.
Those letters will spell out the "when" portion of the theme. Next, this
time reading from bottom to top, write down in that order each letter that
directly follows a percent sign. Those letters will spell out a suggestion
made to those who participated in this puzzle's theme. Finally, when the
26 lines are formatted single-spaced and using a fixed-width font such
as Courier, searching for the plus signs (with reverse highlighting if
possible) will reveal the main focus of the puzzle's theme.

Need help determining the puzzle's theme? Sorry, there's no online Puzzler

Actual last nam#e of the f*i%rst female artist +++to sign with Brian Epstein (5)
B-side o#f Rick%y Nel*so+++n's "Travelin' Man" (12)
Crew-Cuts' +single releas#ed just afte%r T*he Penguins' version (10)
Don Covay song *released+++ by Glady%s Knight & Th#e Pips in '61 (17)
Elaine (e#x-Gang member!) McFa*rlane'+s nicknam%e (6)
First Billboard Hot 100+ so+ng by The B*uck%i#nghams (11)
Grateful Dead'#s *Hunter/Griffin-concocted palind%romic album title (9)
High performance Jaguar *sports car dri#ven by +Abig%ail Beecher (3)
In 2019 Coli#n Blunstone %was still performing in this gr*oup (7)
Judith Dur*ham sang on +thi+s song beginning "There's a #new world ..." (22)
"King Of Clowns" sing#er-songwrit%er in '62 (10)
Last top *t+++++en hit by the gro%up who had a hit with "Soldie#r Boy" (17)
Marylander*s who were an early R&B +voc+al group and doo-%wop pr#ecursor (7)
Nu%mber of eyes plus horns on *a purple people ea#ter (3)
On%ly number one hit by si*nger U.S+. B+ond#s (14)
Person who wr%ote the lyrics f#or "Ple*asant Valley Sunday" (11)
Quartet in*cluding Mark %Stein that bridged p#s+ychedelia and heavy metal (12)
Rhythm Orch#ids mem*ber+ ot+her than Buddy K%nox who recorded solo (10)
Soul quinte+t from Illinois w%hose *group re#mained intact from '61 to 2009 (5)
Titular so#ng character wh%o'll m*a+ke +you itch (9)
"Unchai*ned Mel%od#y" was first featured in thi+++++s film (9)
Very first +interracially #mixed doo-wop group with %a top ten h*it (6)
Walden Robe+rt C*assotto's theatr%ical pse#udonym (10)
Xylophone %relative pla*yed by Brian Jones on "Under My #Thumb" (7)
"You Can't Roller Skate In A Bu%f*fa+l+o Herd" recording art#ist (11)
Zal who was "workin' for a p#enny" in "*Creeque+++++ All%ey" (8)