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Hello and welcome oldies lovers world-wide.

In my previous GOLQ effort it was roundly reported that I was exceedingly
cruel and unusual. I will confess to 50% of those charges.

I promised a kinder and gentler quiz in this go-round and hope this edition
delivers on that. This is not to say that a couple of challenges do not exist,
it was hard to suppress my baser instincts.  None-the-less I expect
everyone to do well.

There is a commonality among 26 of the 27 artists in the quiz.  This
commonality exists as of this writing (Mid October) BUT CANNOT BE GUARANTEED
I think I can safely say presently extends to all of you, and hopefully me.
When you hit upon it, your search pattern will be cut significantly. I
probably have given it away already, but if not see #23.

I am required by GOLQ QM rules to advise when any tie-breaker exceeds the 1969
limit. T1 is such a case and the release date is just a "tad" beyond 1969.
It's present to give further insight into the commonality among the artists.

I am currently having a "500++" rubber stamp cut.

Have fun everybody.

Mike Weaver <>

Blindly searching for lyrics on the Internet is not in the spirit of the
GOLQs, and we disapprove of this practice.

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                        Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz 
                Recordings #01-25 were from 1957 through 1969
             Due 5:00 PM EST (GMT-5) on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.
In only a moment we both will be old
We won't even notice the world turning cold

Um diddle diddle diddle, um diddle ay!
Um diddle diddle diddle, um diddle ay!
Um diddle diddle diddle, um diddle ay!
Um diddle diddle diddle, um diddle ay!

With his faith and love
He believed somewhere, someone up above
Would grant his little prayer
The miracle occurred before his ending day

(Tell me) and when you're scared now
(He'll be there) he'll be right there now
He'll make you smile when
You feel like crying

Paint my face with a good-for-nothin' smile
'Cause a mean, fickle woman
Turned my whole world upside-down

Well I'm walkin' round and grinnin'
With my head in the air
The people think I'm crazy
But I just don't care

You never seem to notice I'm along
Although I hope and pray
That you will need me some day

Don't send him off
With your hair still in curlers
You may not see him again

It happens every day, no matter what you say
You'll find it happens all the time
Love will never do, what you want it to
Why can't this crazy love be mine?

I don't need sunny skies for things I have to do
'Cause I stay home the whole day long and think of you
As far as I'm concerned each day's a rainy day

Anyone who sees her, soon forgets the Mona Lisa
It would take, I know, a Michelangelo
And he would need the glow of dawn that paints the sky above

Baby's begged me not to go
So many times before
She says love and happiness
Can't live behind those swinging doors
Now she's gone and I'm to blame
Too late, I finally see

The next thing I would do
Is plan a celebration in the land
Oh what a happy day
When people hear you say

You went away
Just the other day
You didn't telephone
Left me all alone

Sometimes we stand on the top of a hill
And we gaze at the earth and the sky
I turn to you and you melt in my arms
Here we are, darling, only you and I

Button down shirt and a crew neck sweater
Lets all the kids look so much better

You don't want to lose him
So you let him have his way
You don't dare refuse him
Because you know the price you'll pay

There's never any place
We ever wanna go
We'd rather snuggle up 
And watch the late, late show

You lose somebody you love
But that's no reason for you to break down and cry

I know that you could love me too
But show me first, show me what to do
This is the first love, that I have ever known
What must I do to make you my very own

And my memory strays
To those wonderful days
When you kissed me
And called me sweetheart

I love every movement
There's nothing I would change
She doesn't need improvement
She's much too nice to rearrange

At long last love has arrived
And I thank God I'm alive

I know there's something much more, 
Something even non-believers can believe in. 
I believe in love

Each night I count the stars in the sky
Hoping that you aren't telling me lies
You're with me tonight, I'm captured by your charms
Oh, pretty baby, won't you hold me in your arms

Love is so surprising
Opened up my eyes and
You reached out and
You took my haaaand
Baby, you touched my soul now
Woman, don't let go now
Hold on, baby

Paradise can't be better than this
And you did it all with one little kiss
Baby it's true
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