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Happy New Year and welcome to GOLQ432.  The quiz contains no specific themes.
The mix is pretty evenly distributed across the years with songs that made
Billboard's top ten, top 40, and ones that only peaked between 41-100.  Enjoy!

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                        Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #432
                Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
           Due 5:00 PM EST (GMT-5) on Wednesday, January 31, 2023.
But you are pretending
You don't care
And the fire, oh,
Is still there

Yes, I'm in love
And what I'd do to make you mine

I couldn't stand
The way she did me
Well, I guess I showed her I was brave

I could be happy with you by my side
If I could forget her
But it's my pride

She promised me she would be true
And said I don't love no one but you
But here I stand, I'm all alone
And nothing to do but to stay at  home 

My, my oh mine
Gee, You're so fine
Don't let me down
I'm the king but you can wear my crown

Whatever colors you have in your mind
I'll show them to you 
And you'll see them shine

Paint your initials on my jeans
So everyone in town will know we go around
together, together, together

I'm finding out what love is all about
And every day at three when school lets out
I see my baby, I get weak in the knees

She loves me, she loves me not
She loves me, she loves me not
She loves me, she loves me not, oh

My life was torn like wind-blown sand
Then a rock was formed when we held hands

If it's right for me to love you
It can't be wrong for me to care
If you will say you love me
My life with you I'll share

I'm gonna talk sweet talk
Whisper things in your ear
I'm gonna tell ya a lot of things
I know ya been a-wantin' to hear
(Come on little darlin', take my hand)

Romeo loved Juliet
Juliet, she felt the same
When he put his arms around her
He said, "Julie baby, you're my flame"

A love that I can't win
But the day that I stop countin'
That's the day my world will end

Hey, Baby, things are swinging right
Yes, I know that this is the night

Sometimes I think she's almost mean as me

They used to call me the wanderer
Who never wanted to settle down, yeah
But I'll tell you, Baby
I wander no more, got to stay around, 'cause

A little wiggle here, a little wiggle there
Here a wiggle, there a wiggle
oh, my gosh

You do all the livin' while I do all the givin'

My nights are filled with tears
My heart is filled with pain
I promise I'll be true
If you'll just come back again

What a day to be together
And what a sky of blue
And what a day for thinking right out loud,
"I love you"

I never met a girl who makes me feel the way that you do
You're alright

Your smile is divine
But you keep me guessing
Will you ever be mine

There's just one way to visit the town of Greenback
Pull up an easy chair and sit yourself down and lean back
Then close your eyes and suddenly you will see


I left them there together
Thought that I might feel better
Down at this café where we used to go

Go home, outsider
This town's gonna be your buryin' place


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