Happy Summer to all!  Roughly half of the songs on this quiz honor the recently
departed (much to nobody's surprise).  And the cherry on top is another of Bob
Bluestein's puzzlers.


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                       Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz #438
               Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1968
             Due 5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) on Monday, July 31, 2023

But now, leaves have fallen
And tears fill her eyes
His warm lips, a memory
And she sighs

I may sail on many a sea
Her shores will always be home to me

The stars in the sky
Are the same kind of stars
That I see in your eyes

Every fella that I've ever met
Has tried to put me in that well-known net
And like a good girl, I try to face the problem with a smile
But if I give an inch, he wants to take a mile

The lights were low when she turned on the radio
I could hear the music playing soft and low
I said we'd better dance before I flip my lid
We both got up to dance, but we never did

I'll wait in the queue
When the trains come back
Lie with you
Where the shadows run from themselves

I find that I am even dancing when I'm walking
I'm haunted by that cha-cha beat
I hear the rhythm start whenever we are talking
I do the cha-cha in my sleep

Once I had a lion's heart
I was wild and free
I swore no girl could tame me down
And make a pet of me

Tall and tan and young and lovely

The foolish things I've done
The times that I let you down
And I'll never change, believe me I've tried
If you go away, you know that I'd die
Oh, I love you, please don't say goodbye

Would I worry so?
Each and every moon when you come and you go
So just ask yourself, would I waste my time?

Get a head start, it won't help none
Betcha I'll still catch you
If I beat you home, you know the rules
You got to let me kiss you, pretty baby

All day and nighttime too
I'm as blue as can be
Wonderin' when she will come home to me

And she reaches out and takes my hand and squeezes it
And says "how you feelin' hon?"
And I look across at smilin' lips that my warm my heart
And see my mornin' sun

When you're close to me
I can feel your heartbeat
I can hear you breathing in my ear

You left me anyhow
And then the days got worse and worse
And now you see I've gone completely out of my mind

But you stood by me for the whole world to see
And then I was ten feet tall

She said there is no reason
And the truth is plain to see

Oh baby, don't tell me you don't want my love
I couldn't give it to just anybody
Baby, won't you tell me it's not true

Now, you can shake, shout, stop and smile
And you can jump, thump, run in stride

I find that I'm really losing you

You cry and moan and say it will work out
But honey child, I've got my doubts

How could we say goodbye?

This man is mine, he's my every thought
I'd give him Russia if it could be bought
I'm not ashamed of nothing I do
I'd guide a missile if he told me to.

I said, do the boomerang, the twine, and the jerk
They're jammin' up the bandstand, so everybody work
I said, put on your wig, woman


Cables of steel reach to the sky
Tugboats below, passing by
We love to talk

Why do you wanna make me blue?
I wouldn't say a word
If I were askin' for the world


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This puzzle contains a chain of 52 clues, all related to the titles or
artists of singles achieving a top 100 position on Billboard's U.S. pop
music charts. Your task is to answer all these clues, excluding the word
"The" from the very beginning of any group name, dropping "part" info from
the end of any song name, and replacing any "&" with "And" (so that "The
Mamas & The Papas" becomes "Mamas And The Papas" and "Hip City - Pt. 2"
becomes "Hip City"). Each clue is followed by parentheses containing the
number of letters or digits in each of the words or numbers of the clue's
answer. (For example, following a clue whose answer is "Opus 17 (Don't You
Worry 'Bout Me)" would be "(4,2,4,3,5,4,2)". After that there may or may
not follow in square brackets a "special" number which points to the
position of the "special" letter amongst just the letters in the clue's
answer. (For example, "[4]" for the clue answer "634-5789 (Soulsville,
U.S.A.)" would mean its special letter is "L".)

Can you solve the clues all the way to The End without breaking the chain?
If so, the special letters will spell out (in the given order) what you've
been doing. Those who solve this entire chain will be free to walk away
singing "Unchained Melody". However, for those failing this task, there's
a long sentence in the middle of all this for you. But don't dig too hard.
As Sam Cooke might say, what you get may put you in a "Sad Mood", for it
may not be "Good News".


    Chain Of Fools ...

1a) Rick Nelson's cover of a hit in '40 for Glenn Miller & His Orchestra
1b) Roy Orbison single that Dennis Hopper's character is obsessed with in
    the movie "Blue Velvet" (2,6)
1c) Cass Elliot's first solo charting single, labeled as "featuring Mama Cass
    with The Mamas & The Papas" (5,1,6,5,2,2)
1d) Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jnr. single that was a #1 hit for
    "Whispering" Jack Smith in 1927 (2,3,2,6) [13]
1e) Group that covered Them's "Gloria", taking it to #10 (7,2,6) [5]
1f) "The Little Black Egg" group (13)
1g) Roy Orbison's follow-up single to "Ride Away" (8,4) [2]
1h) Sole charting single by The Rondels (not The Ron-Dels or Bill Deal's
    Rhondels!) (4,4,2,1) [4]
1i) Title of both a Maxine Brown and a Brenda Lee single (3,4,2,1,4)
1j) Zombies song with the lyrics "Who's your daddy?" (4,2,3,6)
1k) Vanilla Fudge single of a song written by Donovan (6,2,3,5) [13]
1l) David Seville single without The Chipmunks that hit #1 (5,6)
1m) First charting hit by Willie Perryman with the group The Interns
1n) Bobby Bland single in which he's a "playboy with a whole lot of soul"
1o) Guitarist who with the Walter Raim Strings had an instrumental single
    with "Meditation (Meditacao)" (7,4)
1p) Every Brothers #1 single in which "Johnny is a joker that's a-tryin'
    to steal my baby" (4,3)
1q) B-side of Jackie Wilson's "Night" (6,6) [6]
1r) McGuire Sisters single of the title song from a '56 film starring
    David Niven and Cantinflas (6,3,5,2,6,4) [19]
1s) Andy Williams single of the title song from a '62 film starring Jack
    Lemmon and Lee Remick (4,2,4,3,5)
1t) Bobby Vinton's first charting single (5,3,3,2,4) [2]
1u) Clyde McPhatter's only top 10 solo single other than "A Lover's
    Question" (5,6)
1v) Only charting single by Dale Wright And The Wright Guys With the Dons
    (6,4,2,2) [9]
1w) Valentinos song covered by The Rolling Stones (3,3,4,3)
1x) Song with parentheses in its title that was released as a single by
    Jo Stafford in '53 and taken to #2 by Elvis in '59 (3,3,4,6,1,4,4,2,1)
1y) Dave Clark Five single that covered Chis Kenner's '61 version
1z) Frank Sinatra single in which he's been "a puppet, a pauper, a pirate,
    a poet, a pawn, and a king" (5,4)


2z) Sole charting single by Abaco Dream (4,3,5,2,1,3,1)
2y) Jimmy Clanton single that starts "Dearest darling, I'm writing to say
    that I still love you" (1,6,2,2,5) [4]
2x) Biggest hit of Merrilee Rush & The Turnabouts (5,2,3,7) [9]
2w) Lulu song with the lyrics "Thought I heard a young man cryin' today"
    (7,3) [9]
2v) Bobby Freeman single covered by Del Shannon, The Beach Boys, and The
    Mamas & The Papas (2,3,4,2,5) [15]
2u) B-side of The Bobbettes' "Have Mercy Baby" (5,4,2,7) [9]
2t) Seekers single that was the title song of a '66 film starring Lynn
    Redgrave and James Mason (6,4)
2s) Gerry and The Pacemakers' last charting single (4,2,1,5)
2r) B-side of Frankie Avalon's #1 hit "Why" (7,2,1,7)
2q) Andy Kim single with the lyrics "Love me right or step aside" (7,4) [2]
2p) Jan & Dean single that was the title song from a '64 film starring Fabian
    and Shelley Fabares (4,3,4,4)
2o) According to Jan & Dean, where there are "two girls for every boy" (4,4)
2n) Ray Price single whose title was also the title of a Charlie Chaplin
    movie (4,6) [2]
2m) Song whose performance on TV's "The Ed Sullivan Show" caused The Doors to
    be banned in the future for failing to sing "toned down" lyrics (5,2,4)
2l) Single by Tony Bennett with Ray Ellis and his Orchestra and Chorus in
    which "She starts to glitter when the sun goes down" (7)
2k) Single released by LaVern Baker in '65 and Bobby Womack in '68 that was
    originally titled "In Other Words" (3,2,2,3,4) [14]
2j) Henry Mancini song sung by Audrey Hepburn on a fire escape in the film
    "Breakfast At Tiffany's" (4,5)
2i) '66 Ike & Tina Turner single covered in '69 by Deep Purple (5,4,8,4)
2h) According to Sinatra, what "that little old ant" had (4,5) [3]
2g) Andy Williams' follow-up single to (1s) above (8)
2f) Guitarist whose single "Moritat (Theme From 'Three Penny Opera')" was
    credited to him without the words "and Mary Ford" (3,4) [5]
2e) Singer-songwriter whose one charting single was '61's "Ginnie Bell"
    (4,4) [7]
2d) Group consisting of Dean Martin, Jr., Desiderio Arnaz IV, and William
    Hinsche (4,4,3,5)
2c) Lloyd Price's last charting single (6,4)
2b) '63 Ronettes single covered in '69 by Andy Kim (4,1,4,3)
2a) '66 Mable John single covered in '69 by Lou Rawls (who sang backing
    vocals on Sam Cooke's "Bring It On Home To Me") (4,4,5,2,5,2,3) [5]

    ... The End

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