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Hello and welcome to oldies lovers world-wide.

This edition of the quiz is in a hybrid format.  That is, there are both
audio snippets and textual lyric forms.

Difficulty?  Well, there are more than just a couple of "middling"
Whitburn charters here; some are as rare as hen's teeth.  This is partially
because of my darkly obscurant nature but mostly a result
of the chosen theme.

Oh, did I mention there is a theme?  There is; it covers all  27
songs and you will hit upon it very quickly.  It should lighten
the difficulty load considerably. T1 is possibly unfairly obscure,
so it is presented as an audio snippet along with the knowledge
that you may never have heard it unless you were listening to
Pittsburgh radio in 1965.  I have underestimated the oldies
prowess of the regular participants before, and am
probably doing so now.  You will likely find that this quiz
is "duck soup".

You can listen to the audio snippets individually or download them
as a zip file at:

I must close now because the squirrels outside my window are
reminding me that my bird feeder is empty.  It's nice of them
to provide this service.

Have fun everybody.

Mike Weaver <>

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                        Golden Oldies Lyrics Quiz
                Recordings #01-25 were from 1955 through 1969
              Due 5:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) on Saturday, September 30, 2023.

He said "Hey, I'd like to make a trade with you
'Cos you see, if I was a lightning bug
I'd search the whole night through"

A-look at that train, number 709
A-huffin', a-puffin', arrivin' on time
Who do you think's about to arrive?
The band they call the Dixieland Five

To the girl in 'Frisco
To the girls in New York
To the girls of Texarkan'
You gotta understand that,
Baby, I'm your man

It started one night
At a bird bandstand
Crickets was a jumping
With a swinging band

I'm feelin' stronger than a grizzly bear
Soarin' like an eagle flyin' through the air
When I get you in my arms you better beware
I'd go insane, 'cause I can't be tamed

Rhythm and Blues was their name
Yeah, Rhythm and Blues was their name
Well, they romped and stomped to the rock 'n' roll
You can't stop them to save your soul
Rhythm and Blues was their name

I've made up my mind
I'm tired of wasting all my precious time
You've got to be all mine, all mine

Just like as working on a chain gang
You're busting rocks
But now you're grooving on the dance floor, Lord
(come on baby)
Hey now, with a stone fox

Well, there's thirteen hundred and fifty two
Guitar pickers in Nashville
And they can pick more notes than the number of ants
On a Tennessee anthill

Oh, I could hide 'neath the wings
Of the bluebird as she sings

Don't want a silver dollar
Rabbit's foot on a string
The happiness in your warm caress
No rabbit's foot can bring

It's easy, baby so follow me
It's a natural dance to do
And once you do it
You're gonna see
That you really love it too

Be the first one on your block
Every cat will be in shock

I gave you love as sweet as honey
My life, my soul and all my money
You didn't seem to realize?
You had a home in paradise

Well, I'm a monkey's uncle who's a cousin to a chimpanzee
Like I was reeling and a rocking and a swinging from a coconut tree
Oh, honey, can't you see you bring out the monkey business in me?

Billy Goat, orangutan, eagle up a tree
look at all the animals looking to be free
look at all the animals looking back at me
I think that I should eat them 'cause I am getting hungry
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